50by50 Pick A Door script 1

Roblox 50/50 Pick a Door Script – Rooms Check Working (2022)

Hey Guys if you are looking for 50/50 Pick a door script, then you are at right place. I have found this script amazing and working very well. The script i am using right now, is undetected and free to use. Feel free to download and use this script.

There are 41 doors that you have to choose from, and 50/50 chance to survive, just go from start by these doors and survive if you can. If you survive all the doors and reach the end, you already won this game. Use this script to cheat in this game, and know the doors already.

So, if you are playing this game, and want to cheat and know the doors already, you can definitely download and use this script. This script is very much useful and easy to use. You just need to start downloading and use it.

The Script is currently working and updated, Please make sure to check the script date before using, and comment down below, if the script is not working for you, we will update the script as soon as possible.

Roblox 50/50 Pick a Door Script features

  • Rooms Check
  • Auto Check Rooms
  • Easy to Pass through Rooms
  • Easy win

How to Use 50/50 Pick a Door Script in Roblox?

This 50/50 Pick a door script can work in any executor that you can use. Just download any working executor from our website by searching into it, and download and start using it. Follow the steps after that – 

  1. Download and Copy the script code first
  2. Go to Roblox, and launch the game.
  3. Now run the Executor
  4. Connect the Roblox Client with the Executor now
  5. Paste the copied script in the empty area
  6. Inject the script now
  7. Enjoy using free script!