agar io script hack Script Hack: Free Agar io Mod, Skins & More (2023)

Are you sick of receiving strange hits from locations you don’t know? Do you want to complete every kill and triumph in every game? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot because this article has all the information you need to understand With cheats, you can play this fantastic game in a way that is much more entertaining. is a top-down, massively multiplayer web game inspired by the jelly-like substance agar. The mouse and keyboard buttons are used to move a circular cell in the game To become the largest cell in the arena is the objective of the game. To achieve this, the player must consume pellets and smaller cells while attempting to steer clear of larger cells.

This Script has been created by jimboy3100, which is the Best Mod, Use it carefully to prevent others from kicking you. In, hacking is easy as well as safe. But Use the hacks allowed by the limit to prevent the Ban.

The Tamper monkey plugin, which is available for both Chrome and Firefox, is necessary for this mod. The cheat cannot be used until the scripts have been loaded and run. You can use Tamper Monkey to insert any executable script that is compatible with the most recent release of inside the game.

The website's owner or creator will not be found responsible for how the cheat was used because it was created for educational purposes. The cheat should only be used wisely and at your own risk.

Working Script Features :

  • Unlimited FPS
  • Auto Updated
  • Tampermonkey support
  • Animated Skins
  • Old Skins
  • Language Packs
  • Best Themes
  • Dying Light Expansion
  • Manual Userscripts
  • Chat
  • Zoom More
  • Mini Map
  • TeamBoard
  • Hud Controls
  • 60++ Macros
  • Much More

How to Install and use the Script hack?

In Order to Use the Script, you must need Tampermonkey script that is available on Chrome as well as Opera extension store, get them from there and follow the rest of the instructions below –

  1. Download Tampermonkey’s most recent stable version from here.
  2. Also Download the script from Download Link
  3. GO to the game and wait there.
  4. Open Tampermonkey and Create a new script
  5. Open the Downloaded Script with Notepad, and Copy the whole code iniside
  6. Paste the Code in Tampermonkey New Script blank area
  7. Save and Run the Script
  8. Visit to access the game.
  9. At the End, Enjoy!

Note: The Script only works on Google Chrome & Opera Browsers.