Amazon fires 2019: Burning record number in Brazil rainforest

Amazon Forest on Fire News

amazon forest fire

I hope you had a good day anyway, let me tell you that the Doomsday is near, or in simple words, the clock of human existence on earth is ticking faster than ever. As the “largest rainforest on the earth- Amazon forest” is on fire, that too for more than last two weeks.

The amazon rainforest is one of the most essential rainforests on the earth, giving so much to the planet, humans and other species, is in danger.

Amazon forest fire disaster

The Amazon is on fire: Brazil reports record forest fires

Cause of the fire

According to NASA and other significant studies, the amazon rainforest has been fire-resistant throughout its history, due to its moist and humid conditions. But the increase in intensity and frequency of droughts couldn’t stop but, ignite the fire due to corrupt human practices like “deforestation and excessive slash and burn agriculture.”  And Ricardo Mello, Amazon Program Manager from the World Wide Fund for Nature said that there are no natural processes that cause fires. Directly or indirectly, its human activities causing such massive fire.

The Amazon Rainforest, one of the wettest places on Earth, is on fire.

Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth, is on fire.

That aint normal.

Climate change is for real and our planet is burning up. Humans are the cause of this deadly fever.#PrayforAmazonia

— Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) August 20, 2019

The president of Brazil is not taking any steps regarding such a big issue, instead stating that it’s a rumor and people are lying. But the smoke from the fire could be seen which was stretched about 3.2 million square kilometers over Latin America, which is approximately whole of India, not to scare you but if we had such fire, the whole of India would be covered by Smoke. Developed nations such as Germany and Norway are funding to the country to solve environmental issues, but the alarming rises in monthly Amazon deforestation rates have caused Germany to cut $39.5 million in environmental funding in Brazil.

Effects of fire

amazon forest fire 3 weeks

World largest carbon sink is destroyed.

For your convenience, in simple words, forest inhales most of the carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, acting as a carbon sink. But due to this fire, instead of playing the role of carbon sink, Amazon forests are emitting carbon, increasing the rate of carbon in the atmosphere.

Wildlife Loss 

Imagine being a Lion, or an elephant or any other species in the forest and your dear home is on fire, nowhere to go, dying of fire, suffocation and what not.

Effect on Human Health

The smoke from the fire changes the local, whether compromising human health. And with this fire, we indeed have short term as well as long term effects on our health and climate.

What we can do?

social media

Right now, the most important thing is to spread awareness. As it’s been more than two weeks, that the fire is on, and the media is quiet. The more people know about it, the more it will put pressure on the government of Brazil to take right measures immediately. Use your social media platform, share this article, let the awareness spread and don’t forget to plant a sapling, knowing that it won’t compensate the fire there, but it’s the only thing to survive in the future.