Among Us PC Hacks – Radar, Always Imposter, Speed, Undetected [New version]

Among Us Hacks PC – Free Undetected Cheat 2020 Download

free cheat among us pc
Hello everyone, everybody has played the game right? it’s really fun to play the game and it’s really frustrating sometimes at the same time, So here I am with another new Among Us hacks for you guys, Among us is really fun to play the game if you want to troll your friends by this cheat then its the best, go ahead and use it.

You can also join our discord server where we do daily giveaways about cool stuff, So without wasting your time I will tell you every step on how you can easily download and use the cheat straight away.
We understand your concern about among us hack script, if you are looking for among us hacks windows 10 or for any other window then these hacks will definitely work for you because these hacks have a lot of features and are undetected by the anti-cheat, you will never get ban by using these hacks for among us hacks unknowncheats.

Status: Undetected
Version: 11/10/2020
Developer: sneakyevil
Before you start reading the thread, this cheat is posted for educational purposes.
Among Us Cheats PC + Android + iOS: Click here

Among Us PC MOD features:

Force Imposter
Always Imposter
Reveal Impostor
Speed Hacks
Rainbow Color
Speed Override and more
Among us fly hacks

Among us Radar Hacks (see on top right corner that’s a radar):

free cheat among us pc
If you are unfamiliar with the term radar, then radar hack means you can easily be able to see all the imposters and crewmates on a minimap, Radar hack is really popular in Among us these days many people are using these mods in among us.

Among us Force Imposter Hacks:

Among us force imposter hack is the best because you can always become an imposter in among us with this method, I have been using this for a long time.

Among us Speed Hacks:

Among us speed hacks are really good, you can set your custom speed, you can also increase and decrease other people’s speed in this game easily.

Among us Unlock Items hack:

among us unlock all items
You can unlock each and every item in the game without buying it and use them all for free, this is one of the most searched cheats on the internet.
There are many good websites that are providing free cheats for the game and we are also proving free cheats for among us here with the latest updates, you can download all among us mod apk, among us pc hacks, among us emulator hacks for free, No Strings attached!


How to get among us for free?

You can either download the game from play store it’s free there, or if you want to play it on pc there are an unofficial version of among us that still connects with the official game server ( I don’t suggest using them ), or if you want to play on pc simply download bluestacks and install apk on it.

Can I always get imposter in Among us?

Yes you can become always imposter in among us just by using the cheat we provided for pc and for android, Its very easy to use.

How to download Among us all time Imposter mod apk?

You can go to the android section of among us and simply download it from there, we have all time imposter apk hack on our website for free.

How to get among us apk ?

Go to play store and simply download it from there its very easy and convenient.

Among Us Hacks Instructions:

  1. First Download the hack file from below. 
  2. Then extract the zip file
  3. Now download any injector
  4. Now select the dll file and open the game then inject the dll in-game.
  5. Enjoy 🙂

Menu Key is Insert
NoClip Key is Left Shift


All the files are tested and then posted. The credits go to the real developer.

Sneaky evil Among us is one of the most popular and well-designed hacks, everybody is using it I personally use it on my pc. Every dll cheat file is detected as unknown to antivirus, all the files are perfectly clean. if you want to use this among us free cheat, then you are good to go.

Download Among us free hack:

Your download will automatically starts in

All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks


  1. hey this mod had been detected everytime i use it it says 'you were banned from hacking. please stop' please update the mod so i can keep using it. its literally the only good among us i can find, the others on this website are not better and "no chat timer" isnt fixing it

  2. If you get the "you were banned for cheating" message simply turn off the "no chat timer" feature, its currently not working and among us detects for sending to meny chats to fast

  3. Hey its not work. whenever I on that cheat and use it, I got an message "you were banned from hacking. please stop."
    Thank you for making this hack. Looking forward for the newest update of this cheat too.

  4. hey i got a message "you were banned from hacking, plz stop." whenever i used this cheat.
    Looking forward for the newest update of this cheat too.

  5. that happens time to time. For me its just my Web Browser blocking it. If this is happening to you on chrome just go to the downloads page and allow it or something

  6. u can test on latest version 8i, but i will suggest u one older version, but soon all the mods on the website are getting updated as soon as possible

  7. 1) Are you will do russian letters and symbols support?
    Because, when I trying to see russian nicknames, Instead I see question marks.
    2) How works spam? I can use myself message or no? So, I did not found where I can write my message.

  8. u need a injector first of all to inject a dll file then make sure ur game is updated to latest then disable antivirus then inject its just basic stuff man

  9. I used the latest version of the dll rn, and my cracked game is updated to 2019.9.22s.
    I used process hacker to inject the dll. i ran among us, selected the process, injected the dll, and then that's it. i didnt get a conformation message but i assume it worked? I press the Insert key but it does not display the mod menu. I restarted the game and tried the whole process again but it did not work. kindly assist.

  10. I have tried injecting this dll with multiple injectors and haven't found sucess. After I inject it and it says it has been sucessfully injected, I press insert in among us and nothing happens, the game doesn't crash, nothing happens at all. I have even tried holding down the insert button, it still doesn't work.

  11. when is the always imposter bug going to be fixed? im host and have it set to two imposters but theres always three of us for some reason. Do I have to used the cracked version for it to work or can I use the regular steam version?

  12. Dear Python,
    i tried to use the process hacker to inject the dll but it didnt work, it doesnt show any errors it just doesnt work, I also tried extreme injector and it didn't work

  13. reading from the suggestions in teh previous comments, I tried to use a process hacker and it did not work I was sure it did not work because when I checked in proporties and then modules I could not find the dll that I injected what should I do

  14. when i try to inject the"Among Us sneakyevil.dll" file into "Among Us.exe" it says "System exception: the injection metode used returned NULL" what should i do

  15. Unknown
    September 28, 2020 at 2:37 AM
    when i try to inject the"Among Us sneakyevil.dll" file into "Among Us.exe" it says "System exception: the injection metode used returned NULL" what should i do

  16. Oh, thank you so much. If possible, could you please suggest a virus-free site to download the cracked version of Among us? I checked a couple of sites and they looked pretty sketchy…

  17. this doesnt work on bluestacks its for pc download the pc version of among us you can get it free too, and mobile and pc players can connect and play together

  18. Hi Python,
    I injected the dll using Process Hacker, but when I go to my BlueStacks player and press insert, nothing happens. Does this work with BlueStacks?? If yes, I have to inject dll into HD-Player.exe process, right? If still yes, how do I get it to work?

  19. when i try to inject the"Among Us sneakyevil.dll" file into "Among Us.exe" it says "System exception: the injection metode used returned NULL" what should i do

  20. Among us pushed new update we will update the cheats asap, just wait please until then try christware or the other if none works wait for the update, thanks

  21. Alright, none of the hacks work, and I don't see a GUI like shown in the above GUI. I am using Process Hacker 2 for the DLL Injection, if I should be using something else PLEASE tell me. I wanna screw around with my friends in our games where we act dumb. Thank you.

  22. disable antivirus it is false alarm i use it myself the cheat is clean, just whenever u inject something in games antivirus prevent that so always disable ac.

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