Among Us Voice Chat Mod Free – Download + Instructions New

How to use/enable voice chat in Among us voice mod download free

among us voice mod

Among us, proximity chat mod helps you to do voice chatting. It helps to talk with other players. Both crewmates and impostors can talk with each other. This feature is great for communication. 

Among us is on-trend for many days and even esports players are joining this game to pass a good time. People who are casual gamers and who love to play competitive matches have started playing among us too. So, among us has started to get updated too. 

Among us proximity voice chat works throughout the whole map. The proximity voice chat mod feature was private earlier but the developers have decided to make it public.

Everybody is loving this feature of voice chat and you can talk with anyone who is passing by you on the map. But all the players don’t know how to use this feature. Read this article and the steps to use among us proximity voice chat.


1. Download the mod from below
2. Install the mod
3. Launch among us with crewlink mod interface
4. Make sure other players in your lobby have the mod installed
5. Host or join a lobby.
Disclaimer: As the proximity voice chat mod is a new feature so, there can be some bugs or glitches.

Download Among us Voice Mod for free:

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