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Battlenet (Warzone Account Generator) Free Download 2023

If you are looking for a free battle.net account generator, then this one is for you.  We are releasing a very easy-to-use battle.net account generator that can help you created unlimited warzone accounts.

The generator is based on python and selenium and it’s 100% free to use, It auto-creates an account for you on battlenet. You simply have to follow the steps below and enter your requirements.

Make sure you follow all the steps properly because we won’t spoon feed you so please don’t ask for making an exe for you. It is basic programming and very easy to do.

Battlenet GenTool Info

Warzone Free Account Generator Download

  1. Working
  2. Free and Opensource
  3. Works on selenium

Note: The code doesn’t have an auto captcha script added atm, So you need to complete the captcha on your own.

Requirements to use Battlenet Account Generator

  • A Brain
  • Basic Python Knowledge
  • Python Installed on your machine.
  • 5sim.net (account with credits)
  • Make a discord server and create a webhook.
  • Install all the requirements you will see inside the code, for eg: pip install selenium

Instructions to use Warzone Account Generator Free:

  1. Create a new file with the name main.py in the C directory. (It would look something like this C:pythongenmain.py
  2. Install all the required packages selenium, requests, and hooks (pip install package name)
  3. Simply edit main.py using your editor in my case it’s VS Code.
  4. Add these configs inside the code:
  5. Discord Webhook (discord.com and NOT discordapp as it will not work)
  6. 5sim API key and other stuff.
  7. Inside the code add the battlenet username and password.
  8. Run the script using .bat file, Enjoy.

Download Battlenet account generator free 2023