bf 2042 no recoil logitech

BF 2042 Logitech Rapid Fire / No Recoil, Zoom Multiplier Hack

Battlefield 2042 Anti Recoil/Rapid Fire Logitech No Recoil Script Download

bf 2042 no recoil logitech hack

Battlefield 2042 is the latest release in the series. Although they have an excellent anti-cheat we are releasing a safe no recoil script, rapid-fire, and zoom script to help you win more games.

Make sure to follow the instructions listed below or it will not work.  It’s a simple hack that requires no coding experience.  

I personally have used many no recoil scripts and this one is by far the best. This cheat is created for Logitech ghub supported mouses only, So other players cant use it. I will suggest you download it now.

BF 2042 Script LogitechTool Info

Battlefield 2042: No Recoil/Rapidfire Logitech Features

These features are so good and are fully undetected for battlefield 2042 cheat. These hacks are for Logitech mouse only, This is free to use no recoil but it’s still undetected.

  1. Easy to use
  2. No recoil 
  3. Undetected
  4. Zoom hack (up to 10x stronger than default)
  5. Rapid Fire
  6. The pseudo name generator for security

How does the Bf2042 No Recoil Logitech Script Works work?

Numlock – Toggles the script

Scroll lock – Toggles AR and SMG style guns, OFF= AR/Strong No Recoil

Mouse Button 4 – toggles the rapid-fire (only works when holding down right-click)

How to use the scripts provided?

  1. First, Download the scripts from below
  2. Download Visual Studio Code
  3. Download Logitech GHUB
  4. Make sure to change your resolution, DPI, windows mouse sensitivity, monitor dimensions, in-game sensitivity, and shortcuts/keys
  5. Insert into Logitech GHUB and start

Download Battlefield 2042 Logitech No Recoil, Rapidfire Scripts Below