BR Cheats – Rogue Company, CSGO, Among Us, BlackSquad, DBD, Spellbreak [Free]

BR Cheats – Rogue Company, Warface BR, DBD, Fall Guys Creative Destruction, Spellbreak

br cheats
Hello, everyone, we are here with a new hack that will blow your mind this cheat is all in one hack, It has many cheats like csgo, among us cheat, dead by daylight cheat, rouge company cheat, black squad free cheat, spell break cheats and more.

List of Cheats This mod has:

  • Point Blank Brasil (Free)
  • Point Blank Brasil (VIP)
  • Point Blank Pirata
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • Mu Season 4
  • Creative Destruction (Steam)
  • Warface BR
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Spellbreak
  • Among Us 
  • Among Us (Steam)
  • Rogue Company
  • Black Squad
  • Iron Sight
Status: Outdated
Version: 30/10/2020
Developer: BR Cheats

CSGO Hacks Free:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multiplayer game with plenty of action and strategies included. This game consists of several game modes you which you can enjoy with your friends and can even practice offline with bots.
We are providing some Cheats or Hacks for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free to have fun with your friends or maybe showing them some extraordinary stuff. More details about available hacks are provided below


1. AimBot: If you want to show off your Aim in front of your friends or want your every shot on enemy’s body or head this cheat is for you, this hack is most used by players not having very good aim. In this cheat, every bullet you fire will find it’s own way to reach enemy’s head or body so the user can take down any enemy in few milliseconds without giving the enemy any chance to react all you need to do is spam the fire button and watch the kill-feed.

2. WallHack: This Cheat/Hack is most useful and reliable. This cheat grants you a vision which your eyes or high refresh rate screen can’t, this cheat provides X-ray vision and X-ray bullets yes you read it right which means you will have access to see your opponent through walls and kill them easily by shooting towards them through walls. You will know positions of everyone joined in-game and you can take your opponents down with ease by pre-firing or spam shots through the wall.

3. ESP HACK: ESP is a little bit similar to WallHack but not completely similar, in this cheat user will see lines indicating their opponents, teammates, weapons and bomb(in competitive or bomb defuse). Perks of having this cheat in your game is you can always shoot opponents through wall spamming as in CS: GO you can shoot through some materials. The difference between WallHack and ESP is harder to detect and your chances of getting banned are reduced here.

Among Us Cheats

Among us is an online multiplayer game with the increasing audience every day. This game has 3 maps and 4 to 10 players can join at once from which 1 to 3 guys are bad according to the game mode selected and others are good, bad guys are chosen randomly by the game but with our hacks, you can always be a bad guy. The game is about figuring out who’s the bad guy by the information good guys have and bad guys need to kill everyone in a sneaky manner, bad guys are known as imposters and good guys known as crewmates, crewmates also have to complete the task in order to win the game if they couldn’t find out who’s the imposter bad guys got abilities called sabotage and bad guys can vent too. As the lines above suggest that playing as a bad guy is fun.

If you want that you’ll be bad guy every time you enter the game you need to check out free hacks gaming forecast provide, getting banned in this game is very rare and you can use hacks with ease to have more fun in-game


1. Nokillcooldown: Imposters in this game have kill cooldown after killing someone but with this hack, you’ll get 0 kill cooldown time and you can kill all the crewmates one by one within no time.
2. Full control: With this hack, you’ll have full control of the game you can choose to vote out anyone with your own wish and all the votes will be in his favour, you can also control your kill cooldown timer and other stuff. This hack is also handy for crewmates as they can vote on anyone whom they have sus on.
3. Longrangekill: Imposters have limited range for killing crewmates but with this hack, you can easily kill any crewmate at a distance without breaking a sweat or moving like a sniper wearing camouflage and hiding in dense bushes.
4. Alwaysimposter: As the name suggests you’ll be always imposter whenever you join the game and have the fun of killing crewmates.

Fall Guys Hacks

Fall guys is a battle royal game this game is more like our childhood favourite tv show Takeshi’s Castle. In this game, there are randomly chosen game modes and to win the player has to survive till the very end this game has only one winner and is fun to play with friends

To have a win or win streak in this game you have to be extremely lucky or extremely skilful but don’t worry we’ve got solutions for that by using our free hacks you can have win streaks and you can show it off to your friends.

Fall Guys Cheats features:

1. Speedhacks: As the name suggests this hack allows you to move faster than other players in-game and will have better chances to win the game
2. Flyinghacks: After using this hack you’ll never fall and it will not matter that you have surfaced to stand on or not you can win any game with this hack easily and make a good win streak.

Creative Destructions Cheats

Creative destruction is a battle royal game in which 100 people can join the game and fight each other for victory the last survivor or survivor team will have a win this game is similar to Fortnite and you can create and edit walls and other stuff.


1. Freegoldand diamond: As the name suggests you’ll get unlimited diamonds and gold in-game to purchase anything from shop purchases
2. Toolshack: This hack can give you access to all tools available in-game to play for building stuff and creating things etc.

Warface Cheats

Warface is the online multiplayer game this game is only available in the first-person view to play. Warface allows users to play player-vs-player 5v5 co-op battles.


1. ESP: ESP is a most used and very less detectable hack in this hack you can see enemies equipment gets through walls allowing you to play the game with ease and kill your opponent by knowing their positions
2. Aimbot: Aimbot is a most useful hack around any game as it allows automatic head or body shots to opponents you just have to spam the fire button and see the magic bullet go through your opponents head nice and slow.

Rogue Company Cheats:

Free cheats for rogue company, Its currently a new game, if you want to use the rogue company, cheats then download this loader and use it for free.


  • ESP
  • Ambot
  • No Recoil

BlackSquad Hacks:

Blacksquad is one of the most famous free games on the internet but it has a very few cheats on the internet if you are looking for some good quality free cheats for blacksquad then you are at the right place.


  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • No Recoil
  • and more
A working proof of Spell Break Sorry I didn’t post all images because it will reduce my page speed.
spell break hacks

How to use this cheat:

  1. Download the hack from below.
  2. You need to launch the httpdebuger before the br cheat launcher.
  3. You will see br is updating and then you find httpsdashbrcheatsappapp
  4. and right click on that and do auto reply and 200 ok and do copy the text document called script
  5. Disable antivirus too.

Download BR Cheats for free:

All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks