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Hello everyone, there were many requests came for csgo cheap prime accounts. So, i decided to make a blog for it. Ezhevika is a trusted seller in Plati.ru. They have cheap prime accounts both ranked and unranked. So, you can buy as your choice.

Prime ranked accounts starting from 6.99$ only!!!

Ezhevika shop link :

Click these links and you will be redirected to the Ezhevika’s store. Available products right now :

* Csgo non-prime gold nova accounts : https://plati.ru/itm/cs-go-gold-nova-iii-region-free-first-mail/2928597

* Csgo prime accounts : https://plati.ru/itm/prime-status-cs-go-region-free-first-mail/2811594

* Csgo prime ranked accounts : https://plati.ru/itm/prime-status-cs-go-region-free-rank-first-mail/2880343

All accounts with mail access at cheapest price!!!

Shop contacts :

mail: [email protected]
whatsapp: +79222057776
discord: bonusru#8325

telegram: @bonusrus

“AECCB329C5D54A69” Promo code for 5% discount

Payment methods : Webmoney, credit or debit card, bitcoin, yandex.money, qiwi

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