CS:GO UPDATE New Maps All you need to Know 3/31/2020

CSGO Update 3/31/2020

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This week on CS:GO Valve released an update that removed Breach and Studio from official matchmaking and added two new maps Anubis and Chlorine to Casual, Deathmatch and Scrimmage game modes. Unfortunately, Operation Shattered Web is officially over, and people with an Operation Shattered Web coin in their inventory will receive commemorative inscriptions on their coin with the number of completed missions and number of stars obtained. Going back to the new maps they originated from the 2020 Mapcore Map Making competition which where the maps had to be exotic themed, the top two where Anubis and Chlorine so they where the ones to make it in the game out of 10 contestants. Along with this update, there is a new crate called the Prisma 2 case, which features 17 new vibrant skins. Anubis is an ancient Egyptian themed map with towering limestone walls and open and closed compact areas.

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Chlorine is an abandoned waterpark themed map with waterslides and empty rivers with large open courtyards with risk for reward areas.

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