Dead By Daylight Auto Skill Check Hack Download [2023]

Dead By Daylight Auto Skill Check Bot Hack is a free-to-use tool that will help you to an auto skill check in dbd with 100% precision. This tool is created in python, and it’s fully undetected. This dbd auto skill check is created in python using OpenCV.

That’s why you don’t need to worry about getting banned because it doesn’t target memory. So there is no chance of anticheat getting triggered. This hack is quite easy to use too. I will explain how to use this dbd auto skill cheat for free without any errors. 

DBD Auto Check CheckCheat Info
VersionWorks with the latest version.

DBD Auto Skill Check Hack Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Undetected.
  • Created using Python.
  • Auto Skill check
  • Auto Wiggle
  • Auto M1
  • Auto M2
  • Uses OpenCV (no memory modifications)

How to use dead by daylight auto skill check

  1. Download the dbd auto skill check the latest version from below.
  2. Now Simply extract the zip to your desktop.
  3. Download and install Python from the official website.
  4. While installing Python make sure you have checked “Add to Path“.
  5. After all that you need to install the libraries that are required by the script.
  6. pip install opencv-pythonpip install numpypip install mss, pip install pynput
  7. Everything is now installed.
  8. Run the game and start using the cheat by doing. “python”.

Dead By Daylight Auto Skill Check Python Not working?

  • Make sure your skill check key is C or you can change it in the code if you have some other key.
  • Resolution 1920×1080 only.
  • Colour settings Standard.
  • Make sure libraries are installed.

Download DBD Auto Skill Check Python

  1. Addendum to previous comment: Please please add a split second delay before every click, it would fix majority of the early click issues which is the biggest problem i experience at the moment – i’d rather get a good skill check then blow up the gen due to an early click

  2. Hiya! works great for regular skill checks, thank you!
    However, i noticed it is somewhat broken on the new wiggle system – generally only hits good skill checks and sometimes doesnt hit anything
    Also seems to have a tendency to hit early durning hook struggle, thus making you kill yourself – i disable it durning struggle just to be safe, but could you potentially look into it?
    Other than that, thank you, for me it hits great skill checks majority of the time

  3. Hello! I tried running both the script and the exe file, and the exe is much more accurate than the script. Why? What is the difference between them?

    1. I dL it; i can confirm it work well, but sometimes the script dont do perfect, i think if you ( the creator ) can convert colors in black and white it will be more ez to find the thing when to press C

  4. Sorry for being quite a beginner. Once I have downloaded the zip file to my desktop, how can I cheat after that? I want to run it, but I don’t know where the file with the name of the is.

  5. I’ve been using it for a month, but since version 6.5.0 it doesn’t work, it always activates at 90 degrees. Could you please fix it?

  6. To fix the skill check failing. Put a delay before the button is pressed in the code and it should always get 100%.

  7. i did try it out of curiosity and found out theres quite a bit of a flaw. used different static backgrounds also as panning around. panning around would fail the skillcheck upon its triggering. while on a static without any white or bad lighting found it does not track the great skillcheck but targets 2 places of the skillcheck that being the bottom and side left. if it was at any other side it would again totally fail the skillcheck. good effort to make a tool like that but seeing it only has a 30% success rate. and if someone is looking for a hack they would want atleast a 100%. 30% is not worth it. so might have to look into it if you can find a fix for that

    1. Hello, I tried this and it works almost as intended. I followed the instructions to a tea. It only does good skill checks and is exactly in the middle, sometimes it will get closer to the great but never the great itself. I mean even in this state I’d still recommend it as I can eat while it does the boring mundane skill-checks for me. such a shame it doesn’t do great only tho was hoping to use hyperfocus with it :,(
      Before anyone says anything about me checking anything I made sure all the libraries are installed, even updated. My resolution is the default 1920 x 1080. and all my settings are default. If Python the creator sees this and has a fix for it feel free to ask any questions ill be happy to answer them 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for this! I was hoping to use this to constantly hit great skill checks and when I first launched it, it was hitting greats like 90% of the time. And now for some reason it’s only hitting good skill checks. I’m not sure what I’m doing differently since the initial run or why it could be doing that. Is there anything you could suggest as to why?

    I feel like I did everything to a T.

    Thanks in advanced for your response as well as for this whole guide!

    1. Hey I am glad it worked out for you, I think it could be because of the color settings or the resolution. But still its a good thing that it works really well for you now.

      1. Yeah it’s great that I managed to get this far because it took a while to figure even this out. As far as my color settings I have colorblind mode off with intensity 0% which is default settings for color.

        And for graphics it’s set to Ultra, Auto-Adjust on at 100% resolution full screen with aspect ratio 16:9 set to off. So it’s likely something in these settings I’d need to adjust then? I’ve done a few more games and yeah the first two or so I did before shutting everything off had me hitting greats every time. And now it’s only ever hitting goods 95% of the time while sometimes missing some. I’m wondering what else it could be.

        I’d love to run the perk Hyperfocus in order to do gens and heal quicker and get more bloodpoints for hitting greats. Sorry if I’m asking too many questions. I’m just close to getting it figured out. Thanks so much for your help!

      2. It’s not potentially possible it’s through the scripting program? I was never sure what the “AI Improve” button was supposed to do or if I needed to select default for “Configure screen capture zone”

        And for the “python” part I just open Python and add that into the cmd prompt as well as have the script tool open? Just trying to understand it all step by step.

        Sorry for all the questions. ♥

        1. For python .py file you can see that we are using open cv and a simple while loop to check if the skill check appears on screen, The very basic explanation for this script is that. It detects the color inside the skill circle and auto clicks the buttons.

          to use it all you have to do is install the modules mentioned using pip install and then simply do python and enjoy.

          Sometimes the script doesnt get success is because of the maps area maybe you are in a area where the skill check white areas are barely visible on screen as this just simple checks your screen for skill check option, I will suggest you try making your screen brightness settings somewhat good so that in every scenario you the skill check is visible clearly.

          1. “For python .py file you can see that we are using open cv and a simple while loop to check if the skill check appears on screen”

            Not sure I entirely follow for “using open cv and a simple while loop”. I just got Python for this so there’s a lot of overload when it comes to what I’m doing and how everything works. I’m surprised I managed to get it to give me even good skill checks. I messed around with my ui sizes and scaling and even turned on some colorblind modes and everything to see if that helped and I couldn’t for some reason replicate how it was at the very start when I used it. It worked almost perfectly for greats and now I’m not sure what’s different.

            I double checked the library downloads and I have all of those.

            I guess like what anonymous said I’m just too dumb to figure it out so maybe it’s just not for me?

            I’m going to continue to mess with it till I just give up. I’m getting goods all the time but it doesn’t seem worth it unless I can get the greats. I just don’t know what isn’t just not quite there.

            Thank you so so much for being patient with me and trying to help me with this. I’m not the most savy person but I manage most of the time. ♥♥♥

    1. after you install python open cmd as admin and enter pip install opencv-python
      pip install numpy
      pip install mss
      pip install pynput
      one at a time and it should download and install the needed files
      stop being lazy and search all this is basic stuff

      1. So i can use it in my legit account too without ban? It gives an always great skillchecks? There is a new perk named Hyperfocus, u need to hit great skillchecks to get value from it

  9. This worked, however kept missing the skillcheck with the default high/low values. I had to change them closer to white/red, as it was picking up random white-ish colours from some of the maps (it was particularly bad in the Realms map as there is falling snow in that one).
    For people that are struggling, you have to change the monitor object values based on our screen resolution. I believe the defaults are for 1080p, but I had to alter then for 2k. The left/top values need to be the coordinate of the next/top most pixel where the skill check graphic starts, and the width/height values need to be the width/height (in pixels) of the skill check circle.
    This works great if you tweak it a little.

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