Death Stranding the Best “Video Game” ever made? Hideo Kojima Said

Death Stranding the Best “Video Game” ever made?

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“Hideo Kojima” a Japanese video game developer who is known for revolutionizing video game industry with his outstanding metal gear series which is known for its unique gameplay and story.

Konami after working on his latest “Metal Gear Solid” game named “Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain” left Konami.

  • Initial release date: 8 November 2019
  • Engine: Decima
  • Designer: Hideo Kojima
  • Composer(s): Ludvig Forssell
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Genres: Action game, Action-adventure game

Hideo Kojima along with Konami started working on a new Silent Hill whose demo was released called Silent Hill PT which was really liked by every single gamer worldwide, but unfortunately, Konami canceled the game after Kojima left Konami

Kojima now with his own company named Kojima Productions started working on a new game Death Stranding which looked like a successor to Silent Hill PT when its first teaser was released but now Death Stranding’s 50 minutes of gameplay was shown at Tokyo games show 2019 which shows how the game will work, what the story is about along with some character introduction and it is nothing like Silent Hill PT. 

Death Stranding Gameplay

Death Stranding: Every Action Moment From TGS 2019's Gameplay (English Subtitles)

This game is all about exploration, inventory management even how you keep your luggage on your back affects your center of gravity in this game which will obviously affect your speed,whereas story-wise in this game you are remapping America because in future time fracture has happened and everybody is split now, and the United States of America has now become United Cities of America, and you are traveling East and trying to remind everyone why it is good to be together.

Well, it may sound boring, but Storytelling was never a substantial part of any of Kojima’s games it’s mostly about gameplay and Death Stranding has most unique gameplay I have never seen before. 

When asked about the game Hideo Kojima himself said that “Even now I don’t understand the game,” He said that he is working on something that has never been done before and trying to create new genera of the game that will surprise everyone.

Now Hideo Kojima is master of Innovation, and his games have always lived up to the hype, but fans are worried that Death Stranding might not live up to the mystery it has created and some are disappointed because they were expecting a successor to Silent Hill PT which Death Stranding is clearly not. Whatever the case is Hideo Kojima really really passionate about this game, and it will definitely be something no one has played before.