EAC Forcer | Use EAC Instead of BE (using spoofer and cheats) 2022

Hello Everyone, I am presenting you with a free EAC Forcer. If you don’t know how to hack fortnite without getting a ban then you are at the right place. 

Fortnite EAC Forcer is the best Software. This EAC forcer will force your fortnite to launch with EAC, without you needing to go through trial and error!

Why do we need EAC Forcer?

  • Status: Undetected
  • Developer: 4u4play
  • Last Update: Today

By using EAC Forcer we can play Fortnite with EAC instead of battleye and use cheats and spoofer easily.

How to force fortnite to use Easy Anti-cheat instead of Battleye:

Just simply download and run as admin! 
Make sure BE is properly installed or it will not work. 
BE installer is located in a hidden directory inside fortnite, usually in the location:


EAC Forcer for FN, fn must be on c drive and date format mm-dd-year

if you are unable to use the eac forcer exe or its not working for you use this manual method below:

Download Fortnite EAC Forcer For Free:

  1. Sadly I don't think this works.
    I've changed the date format, installed Fortnite on my C: drive and made sure BE was installed.
    I've even put the EAC forcer file into the Fortnite folder as it said that it could not detect BE, Fortnite etc which was impossible as everything was there.
    Is there something missing?

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