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FPS Chess Hack Download | Aimbot, Flight & More Cheat (2024)

If you want the best FPS Chess Hack then this cheat is the best for you because it has so many features and its the only free cheat for fps chess available on the internet. You can download this hack for free from our website, Simply follow the guide and you are good to go.

FPS Chess is a unique hybrid of traditional chess and first-person shooter gameplay that appeals to fans of both genres. In this post, we’ll go through an in-game trick that was made for FPS Chess that will greatly improve your gameplay experience. The FPS Chess Hack adds a ton of cool stuff to this interesting game, but it’s presently unstable and prone to crashes because it was made as a student project at the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Exciting Features of FPS Chess Hack

  • Memory aimbot
  • Immortality
  • flight
  • Silent aimbot (currently broken)
  • fov
  • aimkey
  • Character esp
  • Character health esp
  • Arrow esp
  • rapid fire (insanely fast)
  • free camera
  • instant kill (1 shot kill every gun)
  • godmode (can only be 1 shot killed)
  • faster climbing
  • speedhack (slider)
  • fov changer (slider)
  • no spread
  • arrow size changer (slider)

Memory aimbot, silent aimbot, FOV, aimkey, character ESP (extrasensory perception), character health ESP, arrow ESP, fast fire, and more are just some of the features introduced by the FPS Chess Hack. Some of the features, such the quiet aimbot, don’t seem to be working at the moment, but the game may still be much improved by using the speedhack, FOV changer, no spread, and arrow size changer (all of which have adjusting sliders).

An conventional game of chess is flipped on its head in FPS Chess, as tactics fall to sniper trick-shots and well prepared openings are rendered useless by randomly sprayed machine guns. The FPS Chess Hack, however, may add a new dimension of excitement to your game.

fps chess internal // rotary#0002

FPS Chess Cheat Free Info

In FPS Chess, every move is matched with a first-person shooter twist, making it a unique take on the classic game. The goal of the game is not limited to checkmating the king; players must also avoid being shot at and surviving attacks from the other pieces.

Even in the mayhem of this action-packed chess game, the FPS Chess Hack may greatly improve the gameplay experience. Instant kill makes it possible to kill with a single shot from any weapon, while godmode makes it such that you cannot be killed in more than one shot. The game is made much more exciting with the addition of features like quicker climbing, a free camera, and the option to alter the arrow’s size.

Easy Guide to Using FPS Chess Hack

If done properly, injecting an FPS Chess Hack into your game is a simple operation. Please be aware that the standard practice now is to inject it during a match with a proper injector, such as a face injector.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Using FPS Chess Hack

  1. Set your game on Steam to run in windowed fullscreen mode with DirectX 11.
  2. Download the FPS Chess Hack.
  3. Run the exe file.
  4. Inject the hack during a match.

By according to these guidelines, you’ll be able to maximize your game experience using FPS Chess Hack. You should use the hack with caution, since it is presently unstable and has the potential to cause the game to crash. All the best, and have fun!