Roblox Freeze Tag Extreme Script

Free Freeze Tag Extreme Script (+9 Features) GUI Hack 2022

If you are looking for Freeze Tag Extreme Script then you are at the correct place because our script is 100% free and undetected. You can download it right now and start using it with any free executor.

Perhaps you enjoy old-school games but don’t want to play them in the sweltering heat or pouring rain. But you still want to play the game with your pals. Don’t worry, we’ve got exactly the thing for you today, “Freeze Tag Extreme Script.”

Roblox’s Freeze Tag game is a lot of fun to play. One that all of my WeCheater teammates enjoy and that we play on a regular basis. There are new levels and tunes, as well as 5 distinct game types. Don’t worry, our script works on all of them.

The most basic game style is the Freeze/Unfreeze game, in which you may freeze or unfreeze them just by touching them. And you can’t move if you’re frozen. Then there are several weapon-based game types, such as Murder Freeze and Grenades and Guns.

The most intriguing is “Infection,” in which if a tagger touches a player, the player becomes a member of the tagger team.

Features of Freeze Tag Extreme Script Hack

  • Get All
  • Tag All
  • Unfreeze All
  • Uncuff All
  • Get All Weapons

With this script, you will become the most powerful player in the game, since you will obtain all of the weapons in the game.

Also, if you are losing the game, you can use our script to unfreeze all of your pals, or if you are the tagger, you can just freeze them, tag everyone, and win the game in an instant.

Instructions for Freeze Tag Extreme Hack Script

LUA-based hacks are quite simple to use. You will require executor software. We have a list of free injectors on our site; you may use one of them, or if you can afford it, we propose Synapse-X executor, one of the best executors available.

  1. Copy the hack script after downloading the hack.
  2. Start the game.
  3. Minimize the game and launch your preferred executor.
  4. Copy and paste the hack script.
  5. Begin injecting, and enjoy.