FREE Valorant Hack, Internal, External Coison Cheat, Safe 2022

  • Status: Use at your own risk
  • Version: 11/08/2021
  • Developer: Unknown

Features of Free Valorant Hack:

Upcoming features:

Valorant Aimbot Hacks

Things you should keep in mind before using this hack. Hacking is prohibited by games we all know that I am not responsible for any harm done to your game account, this hack is only for fun.

  • Do less than 20 kills
  • Try being less obvious
  • Kill enemies at the start of the round.
  • Die in matches so people don’t think you are a hacker
  • Toggle while using the hack
  • Don’t abuse the hack too much

As we all know people are hacking in valorant so we have to at least make sure our ranking doesn’t get hurt. So today I am posting a new free hack for valorant its really good hack its undetected from their anti-cheat and you can easily get some good kills with it. This is basically a triggerbot. But it does give you a huge advantage over other players.

How to Use Valorant Free Hack (outdated read below)

  1. First Install Interception driver
  2. Now Download the Hack from below
  3. put all the file in the desktop (u can put it in the 1 folder for neat and clean desktop ^^)
  4. the intercetion go to this pc/properties/advance system settings/environment variables/system path/path
  5. then click new/browse then find the interception
  6. once u done it Run Cmd as admin then type ‘install interception.exe
  7. then type install interception.exe /install
  8. then reboot/restart pc 
  9. and ur done setuping the interception
  10. Download extreme injector from here: Click me
  11. then put 2 dll on it
  12. then open steam/winrar or any process
  13. as prosses
  14. steam is x64 x32 boom inject
  15. done press OK + write in consol 0.1  0.2 3
  16. Set enemy highlight colour to purple

New Step Bypass Important to use

  • Download the program (rawaccel) and install it. 
  • Restart your computer and open the logotech gaming hub running at the bottom without running into events. 
  • Even if rawaccel is installed, interception should be installed in two of them. 
  • Now inject the aimbot dll into the 32 bit program, enter the game and have fun.
  • Don’t miss any step.



Smoothing has reasonable values around 0.01-0.2 based on your CPU and setup. The mode has 3 values (1, 2, 3). 1 is for Shot correction only, 2 is for AimAssist only, 3 is for both.


  • if the console does not show up, you have the interception.dll in the wrong place

New Instructions: Download Run the exe enjoy

Download Valorant Hack for free:

  1. Now it's okay I don't know I was injected into the game but The mouse does not work, it freezes every time I spray. But if not injected The mouse will move normally.

  2. Guys do not use this cheat, it is a good cheat, but riot has started banning more and more people based on the fact they have interception driver. It's too risky now.

  3. using it for over a month and im not banned, but its not working perfectly (for a free cheat still good) Anyone knows a good config? rn im using default 0,53 1 3

  4. would you get detected using just the esp, if you were doing the appropriate peaks and not firing through smokes getting head shots, i basically just want to know where players are. Also when i inject into a winrar it wont work, and i cant inject into steam, since i cant find that in process.

  5. installing interception is must use github link, after that inject in some 32bit process not in game then open the game I am still using it without getting ban

  6. Guys this hack is now detected now dont use it i got hwid ban for 90 days and it is impossible to play vaorant using spoofer and spoofer is also not working, i repeat every vip spoofer is not working i have tried best spoofers upto 180 $ nothing works so good luck.