Genshin Impact Cheats + Moded Launcher Safe 2022 [NEW]

Genshin Impact Launcher Plus Cheat Download free 2022

genshin impact launcher hack

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play MMORPG game. But if you are looking for genshin impact free hacks, then don’t worry. Your wait is finally over. We have the best genshin impact cheat available for you to download and use. 

These cheats have features like esp, aimbot, teleport, rapid-fire, infinite stamina, fly hack, and many more you can use this hack for free from our website and start hacking in genshin impact and earn unlimited resources for free. 

Welcome to the newest and best hack on the web. Our team of programmers has put together a hack that can’t be beaten. We offer features such as esp, aimbot, and much more. All of which is undetected, and there’s no chance you’ll get banned. Download now and stop wasting time on those other hacks that don’t work! 

Genshin Impact launcherCheat Info
VersionGenshin Impact Launcher + Cheat

Genshin Impact Hack Features

  • Easy to use
  • Fly hack
  • Remove fall
  • Bow charge
  • Block enemies
  • Rapid-fire
  • Quick loot
  • Esp
  • Inf. Stamina

How does genshin impact cheats works?

Genshin Impact launcher will replace the original launcher and use a moded launcher that is more secure. This will help you cheat in the game and get more kills and many extra features as well. If you want to hack in genshin impact, I suggest you download and install this hack for free now. 

All of the features give you an advantage over your opponents.  While fighting, you can see their health as well as shoot faster, stop enemies from attacking you, and if things turn south, you can run away. I 100% recommend this hack as it is better and easier to use than most others. 

How to use the Genshin cheats?

  1. Download the file; unzip it. Inside, there should be a giperf folder and giperf.exe;
  2. Transfer or cut the folder to the same folder directory as your Genshin Impact installation folder. Otherwise, giperf.exe will not function properly.
  3. Launch CMD as Administrator and perform a push to the giperf folder.
  4. On the CMD, type giperf and press (Enter). giperf.exe will print out all of the data for you.
  5. On the CMD, type giperf -presets and press (Enter). giperf.exe will generate a number of.bat files for you.
  6. Launch Genshin Impact using those batch files.

Simple Instructions for Genshin Impact Launcher Hack

  1. Create the files with ‘giperf -presets’;
  2. Run the game before using the trick. Your character must be spawned on the world map.
  3. Run InjectCheat.bat (as Administrator) to inject the Cheat.
  4. To deactivate the Cheat, simply press (F5).
  5. Simply close the GIPerf console window.After you’ve finished playing the game,You can exit the game and then close the cheat window.

The most recent status message will be printed by GIPerf. [Notes]

  • In the batch files, change -res 1920×1080 to fit your screen resolution or your preferred resolution;
  • To avoid giperf.exe issues, always run CMD/the batch scripts as Administrator.
  • To prevent Genshin Impact from sending log files to miHoYo, use giperf -no logs or NoLogs.bat.
  • Use InjectCheat or giperf -cheat.
  • Only use this command if you’re already in the game and your character has been spawned.

Hotkeys of Genshin Impact Hack

  • Press F1 to Enemies cant hurt you.
  • Press F2 to Infinite E/Q
  • Press F3 to Infinite Stamina
  • Press F4 to Show all Chests
  • Press F5 to Rapid Fire

Download Genshin Impact cheats for PC 2022 Free.