ghost watchers hack

Ghost Watchers Hack Free (ESP, Fly, GhostSpawn & More) 2023

Hello everyone we have published the most awaited cheat called Ghost Watchers Hack that you can download for free from our website it has features like esp, fly, ghost spawn and many more. So what are you waiting for? Head at the bottom of the page and download the cheat without any issues.

The game is pretty fun to play but using our ghost watchers hack can help you enjoy the game even more. Because of the regular updates and awesome features, the cheat is fully undetected so that you won’t get banned in the game.

Features of Ghost Watchers Hack PC 2023

Some of the features of Ghost Watchers Hack are given below:

[ESP Menu]
  • Ghost ESP [Box, Label, Bones, Distance, Footprints]
  • Ghost Items ESP [Label]
  • Player ESP [Box, Label, Bones, Distance]
  • Cursed Item [Label]
  • House Items [Labels, Distance]
[Ghost Menu]
  • Make ghost appear
  • Teleport ghost to you
  • Random Action
  • Make Noise
  • (Toggle) Ghost stays ontop of you
  • Ghost Information
[Player Menu]
  • Give Money & Exp (1000 per click)
  • Set Host
  • Unlock Achievements
  • Toggle Flying (w to fly)
  • Brightlight
  • Player Information
[House Menu]
  • Open all doors
  • (Toggle) Keep all doors open
  • Turn on/off all lights
  • (Toggle) Keep lights on or off
  • Turn all faucets/taps on or off
  • Turn all candles on or off
[Spawn Menu]
  • Spawn ghosts in

Note: Some are not assigned (Twins, Doppelganger, SupremeDemon, etc). More ghosts impacts performance, disable bone esp to speed it up

[Troll Menu]
  • Player info
  • Teleport to player
  • Teleport ghost to player
  • Pretend attack
  • Attack
[Offensive Menu]
  • Use offensive tools on the ghost to weaken it

Insert Key – Show/Hide Menu End Key – Unload DLL File safely

How to use Ghost Watchers Hack Cheat?

  1. Use a mono injector to inject (Possibly MonoSharpInjector)
  2. Choose Process and go to the assembly you want to insert (GhostWatchers.dll)
  3. Use the settings shown below. — Namespace: GhostWatchers — Class name: Loader — Method name: init
  4. Press inject, Enjoy!
  5. Press Insert to see the menu in the game.