GTA V Hack Online – Omega 1.52 Money, Level, TP, Many More Undetected

GTA V Hack online – Omega 1.52 undetected free cheat menu.

omega gta 5 hack

GTA v new free hack is released. Latest GTA v hack with unbelievable features and excellent protection. Easy to download and use it in an online session.

Omega is an updated cheat for GTA v online. You can use it online without any ban. It has excellent security protection. Omega is working with the latest GTA v update. We have tested omega cheat recently. We did not face any problem with checking the phrase. This cheat works fine, and all the features are fantastic. 

Status: Updating.. (Use another mod from site)
Version: 1.5
Update: 06/10/2020
Developer: Omega

GTA V online hack features :

*protection options
*player options
*weapon options
*Vehicle spawn
*Unlimited vehicle
*money drops
*Level boost
*account recoveries
*player list
*Laser gun
*fire gun
*money gun

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Omega Hack Instructions :

1. Download the GTA v hack from the download button below.
2. Go to story mode then minimize the game
3. Click omega injector as administrator
4. Wait 10 sec and return to the game.

Menu = “Num”. 
Scroll Down/Up Num 2/8. 
Selecting the num 5 / Enter functions. 
Right/Left Num 6/4. 
Return / Close menu Num 0 / Backspace.

Omega has a fancy good looking menu. Other mod menus will drop your fps in-game, but omega is very optimized. It does not affect the fps of the game. This multi-functional cheat helps you to dominate the game servers.
You can quickly gain money with it. Omega provides huge money drops also. Easy to boost the level of the game for anyone, recoveries, and anti kick also available for trolling. There are some bugs, but overall the cheat is excellent. Bugs will be fixed on the next updates. Connect with us on discord, so you will be notified of every update.

Before you start reading the thread, this cheat is posted for educational purposes.

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