How To Mine Bitcoins On Any Low PC, Computer 2021

How To Make Money with Bitcoins on Low Specs Computer

mine bitcoin on your pc

Hello Everyone on this topic I will tell you how you can mine bitcoins with any pc. Actually, Mining has become the most popular money-making method from the past few years and only rich people are doing it, right? 

This is true and also not true, There are two types of miners People with high-end systems and people with an average system. But they both earn the money they want. Also, NFTs are getting really popular these days, If you are looking at how to buy Bored Ape NFT then you can follow the link mentioned.

Most people use high-end equipment called ASICs that are made by a controversial, centralized company called Bitmain. These hardware chips consume a lot of electricity and power, and ASIC mining farms often use cheap & ecologically-destructive coal power.

I am not against the whole system of bitcoins nor I am trying to post a wrong image of the bitcoins. I am just saying how far the bitcoins have come, I guess Satoshi must be so happy atm! A simple white paper that described the whole mining system of One CPU as One Vote.
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As you all before the bitcoin was expensive anyone was able to mine a lot of bitcoins in just a week ( which now could worth billions )

So lets come to the point, Do you think you can earn bitcoins on a low pc? hell yeah you can use your CPU, GPU even your Hard drive to mine bitcoins.

Mining Monero with your CPU:

how to mine monero

Ever Heard of it? I know many of you don’t know about Monero but its an alternative to Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin every transaction is distributed ledger, Monero offers you anonymity. Anonymity is really good for many government officials too, 

Tor Browser was also created for this reason you can access Dark Web with Tor browser, Often criminals use all of this stuff 🙂

(I have also merge-mine XDN)

Monero has a really good feature that allows you to mine using your CPU, no matter how big is the size of its network. Therefore, you can mine crypto even on your low pc. The best website to mine Monero is Minergate, I have been using it for a couple of months and it’s really easy and great. 


  1. Create an account 
  2. Download their software, and turn on Extended Mode
  3. Turn off the “Smart Miner” only mine XMR.

You can even do additional tasks while mining Monero on your system and earn a good amount of income every month. At the end of the month, you can withdraw them or sell them for bitcoins.

Mining Storj with your Hard Drive:

mine storj easy way

There’s one more interesting currency that has come from Bitcoin called Storj, You can use your Hard Drive to “mine” Two similar platforms are Sia, and Filecoin.

Google is also an investor in Storj, It’s really easy to set up it on Mac but its a little complicated to set up on Windows. I will suggest you check out their in-depth guide to setup on windows.

It will take a week to fill up space but it will get you enough money 🙂

Mining Zcash/Eth with GPU

Mine zcash easy way

Hey, for this method you need a Good AMD or Nvidia Graphics card as not everyone has a good GPU Processor, So I will not hold my self onto much detail about this one.

My personal computer has an Nvidia GPU it’s not very good but it does the work. I usually mine Zcash and sell it for Bitcoins. This method is very simple and effective. 

Minergate offers GPU mining their interface is way better than any other provider. 

Helpful tip: You sure your pc is open and set to never go to sleep mode 🙂

Conclusion: Earning CryptoCurrency is way easy than you think if you have a good pc you can earn a good amount of value every month. People living in countries where the value of the dollar is way too much can have a high benefit of doing it.