Hyper Scape Color Aimbot AHK Free Download 2021 [Undetected]

Hyper Scape Color Aimbot Free Download AHK 2021 New Version

hyperscape color aimbot

    Hyper scape aimbot free download, This game is not very popular but After the success of the first-ever battle-royale game pubg many gaming companies started developing their own BR games like Fortnite, Apex legends, cod modern warfare. Hyperscape Color Aimboit Free Download from our site today.

    This color aimbot is free to download and use its created-in AHK, So it’s undetected. It only has aimbot no esp or wallhack in the hyper scape.

    I have been using this ahk hack for a long time almost a week and I am not banned yet, So I will suggest you use it as it’s undetected atm.

    Status: Undetected (Fixed)
    Developer: A2Mods
    Last Updated: 08/06/2021

    Features of Hyper scape Aimbot

    • Free to use
    • Undetected
    • Color-based Aimbot

    How to use Hyperscape aimbot hack free

    1. First Download and install AHK (search google)
    2. Now Simply Download the ahk script from below.
    3. Now Inject the run the AJK script while in the game.
    4. Have fun with your free Hyper scape aimbot.
    • A new version of AutoHotKey must be installed Download of AHK
    • The game has to be windowed
    • You have to put the colorblind mode to deuteranopia, make sure to not have the in-game crosshair red.
    • Sometimes it will not work based on the anti-aliasing settings so test it in the training try to see which is the best anti-aliasing settings for you based on accuracy.
    • it works by holding right-click ( the aim interface shouldn’t be the color red)
    Updated for the newest version of HyperScape.

    Download Latest Hyper scape Aimbot Hack Free:

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