Indian Air Force launches a new mobile game Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

A cut above

Life of an Air Force officer is filled with adventure, adrenaline, and action of a degree that cannot be imagined for civilian lives. Everyone cannot hope to get into the Air Force and touch the skies, literally but what we can do hope for is, experiencing what Air Combat feels like, at least virtually. This has been possible with the launch of the new mobile game, by the Indian Air Force itself.

‘Indian Air Force: A cut above,’ was launched by the Chief of  Air Staff of the Indian Air Force, BS Dhanoa on Wednesday. The vision behind the game is to raise awareness about the air wing of the Indian Army, among people, in a hope to induce the youth into joining the Air Force. Albeit, there is no shortage on both smartphones and PCs, of games that try to emulate combat-like conditions on the screen, this game is unique because it has been initiated and  launched by the Air Force itself, this means that the feel and contents of the game would be close to the Air Force’s perception of combat.

The game is available for download from the Google play store or Apple’s App Store. It weighs around 300 MB and at the moment has the training and single-player modes with a multi-player mode set to make away in October. You need to be on Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 9 or above if you own an iPhone, to install the game.

The game is a progressive initiative from the Indian Air Force that can double up as an awareness-raising tool for the IAF while also being a fun way for the ordinary people to take a dive into the horizon, figuratively of course.

Google Play:

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