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League of Legends External Script: Orbwalker, Evade & More

We have decided to add League of Legends Ayaya External Script for everyone to use for free. This LOL hack is created by kalistabot he is one of the most famous developers for league hacks if you are wondering how to use or download these scripts then you are at the right place.

The Best part about this lol cheat is that it is open source and created in javascript users can also create their own hacks and cheats using this script. This hack is 100% virus free and without any doubt, the best league hack out there.

Winning has become so easy using this hack so many users are already using it so what are you waiting for? Download and install the hack right now and enjoy your free victories in Lol.

League of Legends ScriptTool Info

League of Legends Ayaya External Script Features

  • Show player attack range
  • Show enemy champions attack range
  • Show enemy champions summoner spells cooldown
  • Settings window [CTRL + SPACE]
  • Show enemy champions ultimate cooldown
  • Show missiles
  • Custom user scripts (Read more here)

Champions List:

  • Bard
  • Cassiopeia
  • Kalista
  • Twisted Fate
  • Xerath

Gameplay Footage of the Hack

How to use LoL Ayaya External Script:

Built-in version:

The prebuilt version consists just of the code that has been compressed and minified because Javascript is an interpreted language and cannot be built. Prebuilt and build are terms that only novice users should grasp.

  1. AyayaLeague’s prebuilt version can be downloaded from below.
  2. Remove the folder’s contents.
  3. Launch AyayaLeague in administrative mode (run it from a terminal if you want to read console.log outputs)

From Source (Auto Update)

  1. Git clone https://github.com/botkalista/ayaya-league-external.git to copy the repository.
  2. Setup Node.js 32bit version 16.10.0.
  3. Node-v16.10.0-x86.msi may be downloaded for Windows from https://nodejs.org/dist/v16.10.0
  4. Visit https://nodejs.org/fa/blog/release/v16.10.0 to download for different operating systems.
  5. Obtain and install Windows build tools if necessary. npm install windows-build-tools —g production
  6. Run npm I and npm run check-dependencies to make sure everything is in order and to begin building packages automatically.
  7. Participate in a league match (must be windowed or no borders)
  8. Run npm start from a terminal while logged in as the administrator
  9. Enjoy:3

Set game settings

To use correctly the script you must adjust some settings inside League.

  • Set screen mode to no borders
  • Set Player Move Click to U inside Settings > Shortcuts -> Player Movement
  • Set Player Attack Only to I inside Settings > Shortcuts -> Player Movement

Download League of Legends Script Free Cheat 2023