League of Legends Hack – Ensoul Free Cheat Undetected 2023

Hello, everyone. Many people were asking me to post something about league of legends hacks, So here I am posting a new and working cheat for LOL. Special thanks to my friend Rafapicadura#6545 for introducing me to the hack its a perfect cheat with many features.

I will clearly tell you how to use it and everything, but please don’t abuse this cheat. Just use it for fun. If you don’t know how to cheat in games and are new to everything, please stop here and don’t use it because there is a risk of getting banned. 

  • Status: Undetected
  • Version: Latest
  • Developer: Ensoul

Special Mention: This lol cheat is created by Ensoul Official Community, So all the credits are given to them. If you have any questions regarding this cheat, you can directly ask them about the problems on their discord server. 🙂

League of Legends Hack Features:

  • Evade
  • Combos
  • See enemy skill cooldown
  • See Teammate cooldown
  • and many, many more


  1. Download the client from below 
  2. After installation, you need to apply the auto hotfix tool
  4. Select league of legends directory
  5. Click Apply HOTFIX
  6. Open the loader and click “install new assembly.”
  7. Champion List in the download link below.
  8. Choose one GitHub champion link that you want to use and copy the link 
  9. Back to the loader, copy and paste it in GitHub the champion link you chose it
  10. Select and click “install.”
  11. After that, make sure it’s signed and open the game and play.
ensoul lol hacks
lol cheats ensoul
league of legends hacks

What types of cheats people use in LOL:

Lol Radar Hack:

Radar hacks are handy in a game like League of Legends because they can quickly tell you the enemy location to prepare for your move way before the enemy planned his, which gives you a significant advantage in the game.

LoL Skin Changer:

Skin Changer is basically a widespread thing to use. Many people use it in many games because it gives you no advantage, but it will make ur game looks fantastic with those expensive skins in lol, and you can use all lol skins for free.

Lol Auto farm:

The auto farm is a very cool thing in LOL because it can easily give you a fair advantage. You don’t have to worry about looting or upgrading your hero level. It will auto-do it.

LoL Auto Combos:

Auto combos is a very excellent script. You can easily use auto combos on an enemy. Lol auto combos hack is very cool. Many people are using it and gaining high advantages.


Please don’t use this cheat on your main account. You can use it on alternate accounts. Just to be on the safe side 🙂
And one more thing, we just tested and reposted it with good instructions so everyone can understand we are not responsible for anything as the information is only for educational purposes.

Download LOL Free Cheats:

  1. i need the link of github for the loadr because i open the loader i press new and in the box of link i dont have the link of github if you can pls give it to e to put it on the box and to done

  2. Does it work on garena? If so then there is something wrong with the version of Ensoul, cause an error keeps appearing. My LoL version is patch 10.24 and the loader keeps saying that my version is not supported or the script is outdated.

  3. Hi there, can you explain the way, how to use that? There is no Hotfix in your links..
    In loader is thing called "Inject" so its it…when I select my game folder and click on "bypass" It wrote under Status: Native methods cant be loaded… Please help me with that @Python

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