Modern Warfare Camos, Calling Card, Emblems Cheap Recovery Service

Modern Warfare (2019) Update Recovery service

Cheap and Reliable

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Hello Everyone Today I am presenting you with a service where you can get great Modernwarfare In-game Items at very reasonable prices. Now you can buy any camo at a cheap price. I have personally used their products and they are very reliable.

They are very lenient on prices. You can negotiate a deal on discord. Every other calling card available upon request, along with charms, and custom modded class names.

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Damascus Camo

Assault rifles: 20$
Submachine gun: 20$
Shotgun: 20$
Light machine gun: 20$
Marksman rifle: 10$
Sniper rifle: 10$
Pistol: 20$

Banded Ambassador Camo

Assault rifles: 25$
Submachine gun: 25$
Shotgun: 20$
Light machine gun: 25$
Marksman rifle: 20$
Sniper rifle: 20$
Pistol: 20$

Activision Aces Camo

Assault rifles: 30$
Submachine gun: 30$
Shotgun: 25$
Light machine gun: 30$
Marksman rifle: 25$
Sniper rifle: 25$
Pistol: 25$

Emblem Duplication

Season 0-3 animated completion : 15$
Any other emblem of your choice: 10$

Calling Card Duplication

Task Force 141 Animated:$25
Activision Fade Animated: $20
Activision Shanghai Animated: $20
Activision Central Tech Animated: $20
Activision Ace Animated: $20
Treyarch Animated: $20
Infinity Ward Animated:$20
Sledgehammer Animated: $20
Mighty Mushroom Animated(nuke):$5

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