Operation Harsh Doorstop Hack Download

Operation Harsh Doorstop Hack | ESP, Aimbot & More (2024)

If you are looking for the best Operation Harsh Doorstop hack then you are at the right place because this cheat can help you get a lot of features some of them are esp, aimbot, no recoil, speed hack cheat and many more. The dev has decided to constantly update the cheat while he can so I will suggest you to use it as much as possible.

Gameplay-wise, Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a complete sandbox. Game modes include single-player quests, multiplayer server support, and a Steam workshop. Every game must have these fundamental features. Yet for some reason, nowadays, games hardly ever do. That’s why we embarked on this undertaking in the first place.

You may easily locate and destroy foes with the use of ESP hacks that allow you to see past barriers. Using an ESP hack or Aimbot hack in Operation Harsh Doorstop is considered cheating. These hacks allow you to automatically aim and shoot at enemies, making it easy to get kills even if you are not a skilled player.

Other features of the Operation Harsh Doorstop Hack include: no recoil (your gun will not kick back when you fire it), no spread (your bullets will not spread out), and super speed (you can move faster than the normal player). Keep in mind that cheats can get you ban in the game so use with caution.

Features Operation Harsh Doorstop Cheat

Some of the features of the Operation Harsh Doorstop cheat you can use this hack for free without any issues.




  • Head
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Pelvis


  • ESP
  • Snaplines
  • 2D Box
  • 3D Box
  • Skeleton
  • Chams
  • Muzzle Laser
  • Crosshair
  • FOV

Developer Notes on OHD Hack:

Usually, I don’t make any kind of public announcements or reveal information. I’ve tried it previously, and with the game’s update cycle and the download rate turnover on the community forum, it’s not a practical strategy for releasing games (at least for me).

Usually speaking people become angry because it’s not always up to date, and I get a barrage of complaints from users who aren’t happy to receive anything for free. Having said that, I want to make an attempt to keep this release updated until either a more effective anti-cheat system is introduced or I decide I no longer want to interact with other people.

Don’t assume that the cheat will be updated as soon as the game is. As I never follow any kind of pattern, this trick will soon be obsolete after being rendered obsolete by a patch (this is by design). Do not direct message me with updates or queries that can be addressed through a quick internet search.

No injector is required since the module is already a part of the codebase. The module is manually mapped into the process through broihon’s public method after the game window has appeared.

How to use Operation Harsh Doorstop Hack Free

Follow the features of Operation Harsh Doorstop Hack given below make sure you follow it with great caution so you don’t get banned in the game.

  1. Get the Bootstrapper Launch by downloading it.
  2. Launch O:HD via Steam as a Bootstrapper.
  3. A crazy menu will appear!
  4. To display or hide the menu, use the [INSERT] button.
  5. Enjoy your free hack and cheat.