Osiris NEPS Legit, Rage CSGO Free Hack Latest CS Anticheat

Hello everyone CSGO is one of the oldest games, Everybody has played CSGO and many people still play csgo because its really hard and fun to play with friends, If you are having a hard time in csgo and you are unable to push ranks in csgo then don’t worry we have the best CSGo free cheat for you its called Osiris NEPS Rage.

Osiris Rage is just an advanced, Big, and more secure version of the Original Osiris hack, Osiris free hack is really a popular csgo hack and many people use this cheat because its easy to use, There’s a developer called degeneratehyperbola has made this csgo ultra legit and rage cheat for everyone to use.

This is a big version of Osiris , it’s created for people who want to use rage, legit configs and who want to play legit, It’s a hvh csgo cheat so it has so many features.

  • Status: Use at your own risk
  • Version: 23/11/2022
  • Developer: degeneratehyperbola

Osiris Light Legit CSGO Hack Features

  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Skin Changer
  • Hvh
  • AntiAim
  • Rage
  • Spinbot
  • Onetap

Osiris NEPS Rage Instructions

  1. Download zip file from the below.
  2. Extract the zip to your desktop.
  3. Simply download an injector from our site, I will suggest CS Ghost
  4. Inject the dll in game
  5. Enjoy your hack.
  6. Open menu Insert or DEL.

IMPORTANT: This cheat is risky because it has rage features so use it at your own risk.

Osiris RAGE NEPS Free Hack

This hack has so many features of a legit cheat and a rage hvh csgo cheat, So enjoy and use it as much as you can while it’s still in development.

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