Plastic Pollution – The biggest problem on Earth 2019

Plastic Pollution – The biggest problem on Earth

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Hi there, I hope great health and prosperous life to all the persons reading this.This is my first blog, so I am not going to rush and keep this first blog post introductory, as there are many blogs to come where we can easily discuss many topics.

I am Muskan Sharma, 20yo, originally I am from Delhi, currently residing in Chandigarh to pursue my B.Tech.

This website basically, focus on Gaming and blogs related to it, but I will be writing on miscellaneous topics, as you all must somewhere know that even after completing all the syllabus different exercises and questions can’t be left behind.

So here we are to write something different on this website, and making it diverse and the topics I will be writing on will have no boundaries.
So lets start with the most basic yet essential topic – PLASTIC


“Problems are always less than solutions, all we need to do is to match the right problem with the right solution.”

Let me explain to you how problems are always less, let’s take the example from our topic plastic: the problem associated with plastic seems a lot but if we broadly categorize them, the issues are just- manufacturing, wrong usage, illegal disposal.

And the solution to these simple problems are many, but we are unaware.

We humans have a habit of blaming others, we rarely blame ourselves for the problems around us, we will blame the government, we will blame private recycling firms, but Not ourselves. Plastic is the most dangerous thing we have on our planet still instead of taking the right actions at home and changing our lifestyle, we opt to blame!

How Plastic is harming us:

how to save earth from plastic

Plastic is the non-biodegradable material which means it can’t be degraded or broken into small parts by micro-organisms, in simple words plastic in immortal, and anyone or anything eternal is directly or indirectly harmful for humans and our dear Species and our precious planet. Whether it is human, any animal born, any food made or anything produced needs to die or decompose to create space for our future.

Now they were just words to tell you a bit about plastic, lets now take a look upon facts and figures:

More than 300 millions of plastic are produced every year, out of which 50% is used only once Single time means using plastic for 15-20 minutes, and then it becomes waste. Only 10% of plastic manufactured is recycled, so where does the rest of 90% plastic goes, which is never decomposed?
It goes to landfills, it goes to our oceans and other water bodies further resulting in the decline of marine life, out of every 3 marine species, 1 have been found entangled in marine litter, many of them consume it which in turns comes back to us as intoxicated seafood, increasing the temperate of oceans, disrupting the climate and making our near future worse to survive healthily.

This topic is never-ending so I will be covering it in my further blogs that how actually plastic is harming our oceans, our species, our planet and ultimately harming us.


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Awareness is the key, if we are aware of the facts that we humans are destroying the earth and how we are doing it and how we can save it.
Start at the Most basic level, i.e. home. It’s high time to think and process, the only time we have left is to start doing it.

I won’t say avoid using single used plastic, the right way would be “STOP USING IT.”

Now let me give you the examples of single used plastic, you buy vegetables and fruits, take your jute bag with you, deny if the vegetable vendor is giving you the plastic bag.

Avoid Cutlery when you are ordering food or even getting it packed. And if there is no option but to use the single used plastic in it. Don’t take it, stop its usage, you can compromise your taste buds but not your future.

Adapt zero-waste lifestyle, and if not the lifestyle you can quickly try it for one week or a month.

But keep in mind that your efforts and by awareness, you can make a change!
And today we CRAVE CHANGE!