PUBG Lite All Error Fixed 100% 2020: Working Methods

PUBG PC Lite all Errors Fixed

pubg pc lite launcher

During the recent release of PUBG Lite in India the game has become popular among Indians. Many of the people are facing problems while running and installing the game. In this topic, I will help you fix all the errors in PUBG PC Lite so everyone can play the game without any problems.

Following errors we will fix:

Before reading the thread make sure you have installed all of the given components: Visit:

pubg lite error fix

I can’t start the game because of safe mode pop-up.

pubg lite safe mode error

If you cannot open the game after this error. Then maybe your system is trying to render the game on two GPUs. Therefore I will suggest you select a particular GPU and try running the game.

Step 1:

  • Right-click on the Windows desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. 
  • Select “Manage 3D Settings.”
  • Please Select “Global Settings” Tab to choose “High-Performance NVIDIA processor.” 
  • Then click Apply. 

nvidia settings for pubg

I cannot change the screen resolution in the game

When the display mode is “Fullscreen (Windowed)” you won’t be able to adjust Resolution.

pubg resolution error

Go the following location:

C:UsersUserName AppDataLocalShadowTrackerExtraSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor

and delete this file: “GameUsersSettings” and restart your laptop/pc.

pubg lite game user settings

Global Shader or cooked content

cooked content pubg lite

PUBG LITE requires the DirectX 11 to run, you need to install direct x11 to run the game if you have direct x11 and still you have the same error then follow the steps below.


  1. Download the dxcpl.exe
  2. Once installed, run or search dxcpl.exe.
  3. In Scope, click Edit List…
  4. Add then locate PUBGLiteClientShadowTrackerExtraBinariesWin64 “PUBGLite-Win64-Shipping”
  5. After that click force wrap and feature limit level: 11_1
pubg lite dxcpl settings

Problem Known Issues with graphics card

Known issue with graphics driver

This is the most common and annoying error if you are having trouble facing it then visit my other topic I already created about this error in detail: Here.

DX11 feature level 10.0 is required

dx11 feature level 10.0

If you get this error, then it means your GPU does not support the game. To fix this error, try installing the direct 12 or visit this topic: Here.

Fatal Error (Assertion Failed) 

assertion failed pubg lite

This problem might happen when your graphic card is overheating or contains too much dust. The best way to deal with this error is to clean your system hardware. You can do it with the help of a hairdryer after that reinstall your graphics card driver.

Launcher.exe – Bad Image

launcher.exe bad image
This error popup because the visual c++ is downloaded improperly to fix it download it from here: Click me

Not available in your region

not available in your region

If you get this error it means that the game is not available in your region to fix this you need to download any VPN, then select the country in which the game is open and change to timezone to the respected VPN connection.

SwapChain ->SetFullscreenState(false,Null) failed 

swap chain
You might face this error if your DirectX is not installed correctly.
I will suggest you update your GPU drivers and display drivers as well.
If this error still happens then, try to set as a window mode in settings.
System Setting > Display Setting > Display Mode – Windowed
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