PUBG LITE HACK FREE – Aimbot, ESP, FlyCar, SuperJump 2022

PUBG Lite Free Cheat ESP/Wall, Aimbot, No Recoil, 2022 Latest Hack

pubg lite car fly hack

Hello Everyone, As well all know for a long time no one has created any free hack for PUBG Lite right? So here I am presenting you with the best free hack for  PUBG Lite.

PUBG Lite cheats are very rare these days even though not many people play the game now because the game is basically a hvh game these days because of all the paid cheats people use these days, So we are here with a new free PUBG Lite ESP hack. 

This hack is really good actually it has many features like ESP, Wall, Aimbot, Super Jump. Actually, I used it myself and I was pretty amazed. 

This hack has been undetected for over a week now. I just found it a week ago I am sorry I didn’t update it earlier but here it is now, Have a look.

  • Status: Use at your own risk
  • Version: 12/05/2021
  • Developer: Chinese devs

Disclaimer: Before you start reading the thread, this cheat is posted for educational purposes.

PUBG Lite Free Hack key Features:

  • — visuals —
  • – hack enable visuals
  • – player esp hack
  • – hack skeleton esp
  • – hack snapline esp
  • – box esp hack
  • – health esp hack
  • – hack item esp
  • – hack draw near enemy count
  • – snapline esp mode changer
  • – box esp mode changer
  • – max visuals distance slider hack
  • — aimbot —
  • – enable aimbot hack
  • – draw aimbot fov
  • – aimbot mode changer
  • – aimbot hitbox changer
  • – aimbot key changer
  • – aimbot fov slider
  • – aimbot smooth slider
  • – max aimbot distance slider
  • — misc —
  • – no recoil hack 
  • – no sway hack 
  • – no breath
  • – speedhack hack
  • – super jump
  • – speedhack value slider
  • – super jump value slider
  • – super jump value slider
  • – load rage config
  • – load legit config
  • – unload

To open the menu, press [INSERT]

Translation of some functions:

  • [F1] = ESP Box
  • [F2] = ESP Bone
  • [F3] = ESP Distance/Health
  • [F4] = Magic Bullet [← → Control Fov]
  • [F5] = FlyCar  Mode [ Up & Down To Control Speed] [Translate: Q & E to Control Car Height]
  • [F6] – High jump
  • [PAGEUP][DOWN] – adjust the jump height
  • [F7] – Super speed of the player
  • [F8] – No recoil
  • [HOME][END] – speed adjustment
  • [F10] – NoRecoil
  • [ALT+1] = AimBot (hold right click to activate)
  • [ALT+2] = Show/Hide magic bullet and aimbot fov
  • [ALT+3] = ESP Item
  • [ALT+4] = ESP Weapongoods
  • [ALT+5] = ESP Car
  • [ALT+6] = ESP Armor
  • [ALT+7] = ESP Medicine
  • [ALT+8] = ESP Ammo
  • [ALT+9] = ESP Sight
  • Delete – English language


  • – Supported Intel and AMD processors!
  • – Windows 10 version any version
  • – Windows 7 not supported!
  • – Supports Windows 8 / 8.1

How to be safe while using PUBG Lite Hack:

  • Use ESP Only
  • Don’t kill more than 8 people.
  • Don’t use aimbot in the full game.
  • Try to be unnoticed
  • Try to get fewer reports

PUBG Lite ESP hack Instructions:

  • Simple Run the Exe as admin and make sure the game is in window mode.
  • Use Shortcut bypass for pubg lite (google it)

If you have any trouble running visit here:

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pubg lite free hack

Download the PUBGLite hack for free now

  1. Hello, it wont inject could I get some help please? It says this error code: Remind: When Unauthorized program detected in thge game, please restart computer use the new version.

  2. when i on the hack and press insert noting happens, also when i on the hack and press /lobby load and then again press insert still noting show's yp and i've tried pressing f1 etc.. doesnt work and also done all the stuff in that link u gave still doesnt work

  3. when i switch it on and go ingame and press insert noting happens, also when i on the hack and click on /lobby load then press insert still noting happens.???

  4. its easy to fix use any free spoofer on the website remove all temp files %temp% delete all then simply use tiranium mac changer something google it, restart pc and done enjoy

  5. Admin! I started using this hack since August. Got my accounts banned alot, took breaks and came back. So today I came back after a long break, I used hack got banned mid game, came back again, now it says I cannot play in this device anymore.😥

  6. Because its very easy to hack a game like pubglite they just update minor offsets and patch some shit here and then done its very basic to make a cheat for pubg lite thats why

  7. Btw admin, the pubg pc lite devs have made this game free to play. They removed the virtual currency. Why are the devs of this hack still working? xD

  8. zip pass is 123 and there is no problem in extracting i tested it, I think ur winrar is corrupted try reinstalling winrar or try extracting with 7 zip

  9. 3 smurf account when reaching lv 12-13 this hacks got detected..i just using esp and legit play still caught by the banned system..this hack is great need to improved reaching high lv

  10. I've run the exe as admin and nothing happens, insert key do nothing and the others too. And after 5 min it says: Your client will now close due to the detecion of an unauthorized program.

    I've used undetected version

  11. MATATA i have tried this hack don't waste time you will get banned and the old hack will work only when you are in the match also you have to change graphics settings to bordeless,using it from last 45 days no banned, and make sure you don't use AIMBOT and SPEEDHACK when someone is spectating you.

  12. Hi,great work! However I got a problem. It worked perfectly on my laptop but on my PC not.When I click load lobby (with admin mode),the whole system shutdown and stuck n I haveto restart the PC. So whats the problem of my PC?What should I do?

  13. Well i use hack [ESP only] and i get ban after 4-5 days..

    Is there anything i can do to stop getting banned after that amount of days?

    Some bypass or something brother?

  14. Sir,I use Windows 10 Pro version 1803 the hack doesn't work, after clicking Load Lobby nothing happens . I'm using the updated versions but still works the same. what to do?

  15. i don't have antivirus and windows defender is closed too and aio runtime is installed too but the hack doesn't work. please help :(((

  16. Remind: when unauthorized program detected in the game, please restart the computer then use the new version. reinicie varias veces, desactive el DEP y es la primera vez que descargo el cheat pero no logro inyectarlo

  17. brother, this hack doesn't works it closes itself in lobby and store when i press lobby load. does it need driver or something? atleast upload drivers for new users buddy

  18. Pubg pc lite hack is detected it creates a file call cheat8lite.sys and exe. File stopped working so please come with a new hack with new version for pubg pc lite

  19. this is the shortcut method go to the(client) and make pubg lite shortcut in ur desktop

    and right click Properties and paste this Target first make space and paste this -LobbyUrl= -NOSPLASH -nothreadtimeout

  20. hey owen big fan of your work, i downloaded this yesterday and played 9-10 matches using only esp and no recoil and got no ban, today as i am starting i enter the training mode and i am getting unauthorised program detected.

  21. seus moleque de merda !!! não tem capacidade de jogar limpo nê. claro por que são tudo ruim pra porra !! dai tem que usar hackzinho se não os bebezinho chora..vão toma no cu de vcs ..criam vergnha na cara de vcs e joguem como homem seus bosta..

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