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pubg lite cheap hack

Status: Undetected
Price: 16$ only per month
Developer: Cff team (AsartSonyX, Fidanzza, Vv04vvrn8) Featured by Gamingforecast

Features :


– Name: Display nicknames.
– Box: Display 2D squares around the players.
– Health: Displays lives.
– Bone: Displays the skeleton.
– Crosshair: Display a crosshair in the middle of the screen.
– Line: Displays lines to the players.
– Text Size: Resize text.

MEM: * Works only with AimBot.

– Recoil CORRECTION: Recoil Correction.
– Sway CORRECTION: Correction of weapons rolling.


– Grenade: Display grenades.
– Health: Displays first-aid kits.
– Health Top: Display rare first aid kits.
– Armor: Displays armor.
– Armor Top: Display rare armor.
– Car: Imaging technique.
– Weapon: Weapon display.
– Weapon Top: Display rare weapons.
– Air: Airdrop display.
– Attach: Display modules for weapons.
– Attach Top: Displays the TOP modules for weapons.
– Text Size: Resize text.
– Key: Panic key for loot.


– Aim: Turn on the aimbot.
– FOV: Show the range of the aimbot.
– Speed: Adjusts the speed of the aimbot.
– FovSize: Adjust the radius of the aimbot.
– Key: Aimbot will work when pressed with a key.
– Bone: Part of the theme that the aimbot will aim at.
– LMB: Activation of aimbot on the Left mouse button.


– Radar: Turn on / off the radar.
– Pos X: Change the position of the radar along the X-axis.
– Pos Y: Change the position of the radar along the Y-axis.
– Size Value: Resize the radar.
– Scale Value: Scale the radar.
– Box Aplha: Resize boxes.
– Text Size: Resize text.


– Menu the “F6” or “Home” key
– Panic button “Delete” 
– Loot Panic button “NUMPAD 0” / Button to disable the loot “NUMPAD 0”.

Hello everyone today we are presenting you another premium cheat for pubg lite. Now, this is something you guys need to know if I can say in one word about this cheat “It’s outstanding”. I have to say outstanding because it lasted for a really long time being undetected. You can find many cheats in online market but they won’t last long like this cheat. Its been 5 months and still it didn’t get detected by anti-cheat. Otherwise, the features are also very good which will help you to win every match. The cheat is highly recommended to use 🙂

Cheat video:

Menu screenshots :

Disclaimer: Before you start reading the thread, I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer. Use at your own risk.

Game version: Garena / Official launcher (last stable version)
Supported OS: Windows 10 (x64 only) (1903/1909)
Supported processors: Intel / AMD
Game mode: Works only in windowed mode
Coder/Developer: AsartSonyX, Fidanzza, Vv04vvrn8
Supported anti-cheats: In-game Anti-Cheat

How to Buy this Hack:

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