PUBG Mobile 6 Shooting Tips to Play Like a Pro 2019

PUBG Mobile Five Shooting Tips to Play Like a Pro

You could be the pro player in your friend zone, but these tips can help you improve your skills more.

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Everyone knows these days PUBG is a standout amongst the most impressive and mind-blowing recreations in the Sacred gaming industry. No wonder why I called it Sacred XD. PUBG players are all around the globe. I enjoy playing PUBG even though I play PUBG Mobile on my low-end mobile device.

Here are the Five Shooting Tips to Play Like a Pro

Game Settings:

Do you find difficulty in aiming? If yes then probably you are doing something wrong, what is it? Sensitivity, visual changes? Don’t know? Later maybe you should try optimizing your sensitivity because far of many have known to improve their Aim by setting their sensitivity to low. Because if you are using low sensitivity, then you can simply control the aim slowly so that it won’t move too quick.


Recoil it may be the most challenging thing, but without recoil, the game will eventually become too easy to play for everyone. If you are not good at recoil then probably you should try improving it by heading to the training in PUBGM game mode. You can control recoil easily by using gun grips as well as suppressor, compensator, and flash hider.


Guns, Weapons? It’s kinda hard to find your favourite weapon at the beginning of the match. But I will suggest you pick up any evidence you found on the ground during the start of the game because it can help you to engage in battle in the very first phase of the fight.

Never skip attachments:

You should know about every accessory in the game. There are a total of five categories including Sight, Muzzle, Magazine, Foregrip, and Stock, overall a gun with thorough attachment provides the best performance in terms of recoil, precision and everything that matters.


Performing body shots is good, but it doesn’t offer much damage you have to empty the whole magazine to kill the person. If you want to kill a person quick the probably, you should shoot on his head because aiming for head also makes your aim perfect you can even kill a moving target quickly.

Last Minute Circle:

Many of the players are good at the game, but they are not able to survive the end circle because they get caught in the middle and get “sandwiched” Actually it means when you are in the middle and people are firing from every possible direction. This is the worst case that happens to a player. If you want to survive the last circle, the primary and essential tactic is to stay at the edges of the circle so that you have to deal with only one-sided enemies.

These are just some few tips about PUBGM. I hope you enjoyed reading it.