PUBG Mobile Single Player Game Mode is in Development?

PUBG Mobile Single Player Game Mode is in Development

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PUBG Corporation is now working on a fresh new game mode. With the measure of fame, Playerunknown Battlegrounds or PUBG has earned, it will not be a surprise that a new game mode will be added to the PUBG universe.

As it is the first news about the game mode from the game developers yet the game mode doesn’t have a name or a working title, but we can expect that this time a single-player game mode is on its way. As the game is being developed by a new studio called Striking Distance. The project of the game is under the control of Glen Schofield, who has created several favourite games like Dead Space and Call of Duty. Aside from that, there is no significant data about the ongoing interaction as the project is being just started yet. Also, there is no release date mentioned by the developers.

As of now, we can only imagine what kind of game will become out of the studio. But it is confirmed that this new game will not be a Battle Royal.

Big new! I’m proud and honored to announce that I am now part of PUBG Corporation. Working together, we are building a AAA game studio called Striking Distance in San Ramon, CA.

— Glen A. Schofield (@GlenSchofield) June 26, 2019

Other than this, PUBG Lite for PC is finally on it’s to India and some other Asian countries.
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