Puppy Tycoon Script | Pastebin Auto Play, Inf Gifts & More

Do you want more out of your time spent playing Puppy Tycoon on Roblox? The Puppy Tycoon Script is what you’re looking for. You may expand your company and have healthier, happier pups with the aid of our one-of-a-kind scripts like Auto Play and Inf Gifts.

Roblox Puppy Tycoon Game Info

In the Roblox game Puppy Tycoon, players take on the role of puppy breeders and build a prosperous empire. As you play, you’ll be able to build your own zoo, raise pups, and earn in-game currency to buy additional buildings and amenities.

Features of the Puppy Tycoon Script

All of the scripts we create are focused on improving the user experience while playing. With the Auto Play script, you can forget about controlling the various events, and your pups will be educated without any input from you. The Inf presents script makes it possible to obtain an unlimited amount of presents and awards, speeding up the process by which you may advance through the game and acquire more cute pups.


How to use the Puppy Tycoon Pastebin Script

The Puppy Tycoon Script requires an Exploit in order to be used. In order to make use of the script, please do the following:

  • Feel free to steal the following script.
  • Throw open your Roblox exploit and fire up Puppy Tycoon.
  • To use your exploit, select it and then hit the attach/inject button.
  • Click the attach/execute button on your exploit to run the script.
  • The Puppy Tycoon Script allows you to have a more satisfying and entertaining gaming experience.


Puppy Tycoon is a game you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy business simulation games and have a soft spot in your heart for adorable canines. Your time while playing Puppy Tycoon will be enhanced substantially with the addition of the Script. With the help of our special scripts—Auto Play and Inf Gifts—you’ll have a simpler time keeping track of your actions, teaching your pups, and collecting prizes. Give them a go, and you’ll see for yourself.