R6 Free Cheat | Rainbow Six Esp, Aimbot Hack Download (2023)

Hello Gamers, we are here with another cool rainbow six hacks on our website. As always I am just the distributor of the hack this hack is developed by InsideExploit

Thanks to the developer for his excellent work on the hack. This hack is currently undetected. I have tested the hack personally by myself it’s working fine no ban

I am still testing the hack, so use it at your own risk. If the hacks get an update, we will automatically update it on our website good luck. 

The cheat adds an advantage during the game, you can adjust your health, improve your recoil, see players and much more this hack will make you win every game.

  • Status: Undetected
  • Version: [08/10/2023]
  • Developer: InsideExploit

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

  • No, you can’t use this for online matches (ranked, casual, etc.)
  • You can only use this for lone-wolf terrorist hunt, situations & local custom games.
  • You can play local custom matches with your friends using Hamachi.
  • You will not get banned if you disable BattleEye.
  • Without disabling BattleEye this cheat table doesn’t work.

Features of R6 hack:

  • Health
  • Ammo
  • NoClip
  • NoFlash
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Change recoil
  • Bullet spread
  • Glow
  • Movement speed
  • And some other stuff

Rainbow ESP hacks:

R6 Esp hacks are very common in r6 many people are using these hacks in-game to win, if you are having a hard time in r6 then you can simply use rainbow six hacks and win games.

Rainbow Aimbot hacks:

R6 Aimbot hacks are good if you don’t have a good aim then aimbot can lock onto the target and you just need to press the fire key and you will win the game easily, many people are also using aimbot.

Rainbow No Recoil hacks:

R6 No Recoil hacks are very good and easily able to find anywhere on the internet, No recoil auto controls recoil and you don’t need to do anything else, the r6 recoil script will auto control recoil.


  • You need cheat-engine to run the hack.
  • Disable BattleEye before using it! You can disable BE by adding the following line to Properties -> Game launch arguments (or similar) in Uplay or Steam.

/belaunch -be

Download the Rainbow 6 Hack for free: