Revolware RageMP Mod Menu 1.61 | Free GTA 5 Hack 2022

RageMP mod menu gta 5 hack

If you are looking for RageMP Mod Menu for GTA 5 then you are at the right place its the best ragemp hack ever made and it has so many features that you can use for free. So what are you waiting for? Simply head down below to download the ragemp cheat without having to pay anything.

RageMP is an alternate to fivem but it’s also a very popular GTA 5 client that people use to play multiplayer on and if you are one of those people then you are in for a treat because this hack is the best for ragemp users.

Features of GTA 5 RageMP Hack Free

Here are a few features of RageMP hack for GTA 5 for free:


  • Player ESP
  • Object ESP
  • Vehicle ESP


  • Unbreakable engine
  • No collision
  • Gravity
  • Seatbelt
  • Disable deformation
  • Bulletproof tires
  • Teleport to waypoint
  • Some actions with specific car by ID


  • Bone choosing
  • Head bone if target in vehicle
  • FOV


  • No reload
  • No recoil
  • No spread


  • No collision
  • No ragdoll
  • Waterproof (walking and shooting underwater)
  • God in car
  • Suicide
  • Healing HP, armor
  • Decreasing HP
  • Freecam with TP feature
RageMP free cheat menu | Revolware

How to use RageMP Cheat GTA 5?

Follow the steps given below carefully so that you don’t get ban.


  • Windows 10 (tested on 21H2)
  • “Epic games” GTA version only
  • Borderless or windowed game mode
  1. Before the beginning of RageMP run a hack for driver load.
  2. Launch RageMP and wait until the game has completely loaded before continuing.
  3. Run again and enjoy! (pressing insert will display the options)
  4. After the game, make sure that the driver is unloaded, and then simply run.

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