Rainbow Six, EFT, RUST, Free Spoofer Undetected 2020 [Updated Version]

Rainbow Six Siege, Rust, and EFT HWID Spoofer

spoofer for all games

Are you banned in Rainbow Six Siege, Rust, or EFT for being too good in the game and dominating everyone?
use this amazing HWID spoofer to unban ur hardware and to go straight back into the dominating very easily!
this is so easy to use and also very nice if ur banned and just simply want to play the game again!
it works perfectly and gets u unbanned in no time!
Status: Undetected
Version: 1.0
Developer: Glocks

Spoofer features:

  • It makes u unbanned so you can play the game again!
  • This spoofer can work on many other games as well, but not every game.
  • R6 Spoofer
  • Rust Spoofer
  • EFT Spoofer


  1. Download Spoofer down below
  2. Unzip File to desktop
  3. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
  4. cd C:UsersadminDesktopGlocks Spoofer
  5. Than enter swind2.exe gdrv.sys Kernel.sys
  6. After confirmation, you’re all Set.
  7. Serial Number.Bat is to see if it changed.

Any other thing u like to add:

Read the instructions very well and do every step right! if you don’t it will not work properly!

Notice: This is blocked by valorant anti-cheat uninstall vanguard before using!

Download R6, RUST, EFT Spoofer for free:

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