Roblox Raise A Floppa Script

Raise a Floppa Script (Auto Pet, Max Praise) Download (2023)

If you’re looking for a Raise a Floppa Script with a lot of features, you’ve arrived to the perfect spot. We have a vast collection of functioning and up-to-date scripts for all Roblox games here.

The Big Floppa meme is parodied in Raise a Floppa. The player keeps a blocky Floppa (caracal) as a pet while simultaneously purchasing items from a computer’s virtual shop to aid with difficulties caused by the Floppa, such as pooping all over the place and wanting to deal with food and happiness.


📌 Version: 07 Jun 2023

💻 Developer: RIp#6666

So, check out this article and experiment with the script. If you’re new, read through all of the instructions in this thread and make sure you have an Undetected Executor to run the scripts.

Features of Roblox Raise a Floppa Script

Player Options

  • Anti AFK
  • Walkspeed
  • Jumppo
  • Infinite
  • FIRE
  • Fire All
  • Fire All Touch Interests


  • Auto Collect Money
  • Auto Redeem Money Tools
  • Auto Click Floppa
  • Auto Pet Floppa
  • Auto Pet Floppa When Below
  • Auto Reqest Rent
  • Auto Request Raise
  • Auto Collet Fertilizer
  • Auto Collet Fertilizer
  • Auto Fertilize Catnip Plant
  • Auto Fertilize Lowest Catnip Farm
  • Auto Harvest Catnip Farms
  • Auto Collect Meteorite
  • Auto Pickup Bone
  • Auto Tamo Chop
  • Collect All Mushrooms
  • Auto Collect Mushrooms
  • Auto Pickup Mushrooms
  • Auto Fish
  • Auto Pickup Fish
  • Auto Kill Bandits
  • Disable Bandits
  • Unarn Bandits
  • Set Tool
  • Auto Dupe Set Tool


  • Auto Buy
  • Buy Item
  • Buy Ingredient
  • Instant Max Praise Altar (Will Put In Debt)
  • Auto Praise Altar
  • Auto Sacrifice Baby Floppa to Cursed Altar
  • Slect Item
  • Auto Drop Selected Item
  • Auto Pickup Potions
  • Buy Speed Potion (MUST HAVE MUSHROOM)
  • Buy Sanity Potion (MUST HAVE MUSHROOM)


  • Cook Recipe
  • Auto Cook
  • Auto Cook
  • Auto Pickup Food
  • Auto Food When Below 10 0% Happiness


  • Auto Feed Floppa
  • Auto Fill Milk Dish
  • Auto Feed Baby Floppas
  • Auto Feed Fish
  • POOP
  • Auto Clean Floppa Poop
  • Max Lives Floppa (99)


  • Shop GUI
  • Backrooms Shop GUI
  • Potion Shop GUI
  • Alien Shop GUI
  • No Meteors


How to Use Raise a Floppa Pastebin Hack?

Download any working Roblox Executor, whether free or paid. After downloading the executor, follow the instructions below to quickly utilise the script and the GUI hack in the game.

  1. Download and copy the script.
  2. Go to Roblox and sign up for the game.
  3. Execute and inject the Executor.
  4. Paste the script there, then execute it.
  5. Enjoy your free script!