Rimworld Hack PC, Cheats & Trainer Download for Free 2022

Rimworld Hack PC Download

Our website has added a free Rimworld Hack Trainer that is popular with many people and has several features. You can use this Hack to have your unlimited stamina, food, comfort, beauty and nearly everything in the game, and much more. You can download the use the hack for free today.

Because so many people are interested in finding Rimworld Hack, trainers and cheats, we are the ones to publish the best Rimworld cheat; therefore, I recommend that you bookmark this page. As soon as the new update is released, both the cheat and the trainer for Rimworld will be updated instantly on our website.

Features of Rimworld Hack PC


  • Unlimited Mood
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Rest
  • Unlimited Joy
  • Unlimited Beauty
  • Unlimited Outdoors
  • Unlimited Comfort
  • Heal Injuries
  • Inf.Battery Energy


  • Selected Resources 999


  • Max Skills
  • Colonist Age 25


  • Max Research
  • Instant Construction

However, since they are unauthorised third-party programmes, you will almost surely be banned or thrown out of the game if you are found using any of these cheats or hacks.

If you need assistance using the cheat or are experiencing issues with it, you may seek support on the discord server indicated on this page.


  • F1 -activate trainer
  • F2 -maximum mood
  • F3 -maximum food
  • F4 – maximum rest
  • F5 -maximum joy
  • F6 -maximum beauty
  • F7 -the maximum outer space
  • F8 – maximum comfort
  • F9 -maximum skills
  • F10 – set the age of the colonists on 25
  • F11 -heal wounds
  • F12 -instant construction
  • Numpad 0 -maximum test
  • NUMPAD 1 -maximum battery power
  • Num 2 – set the selected raw materials on 999

How can I use Cheats for the Rimworld?

Applying this cheat is a piece of cake; just make sure to follow the procedures below very carefully:

  1. Run the game.
  2. Begin using the cheat or the trainer.
  3. Start the game with the trainer already loaded.
  4. Make good use of the free Rimworld Trainer.
  5. Have fun while using the free hack.

There are a number of different free hack and trainer services that make Rimworld hacks and trainers available to their users. Bear in mind that in order to use the cheat, you must get it from one of the most trustworthy sources, such as ours.

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