ABA Script

ABA Script – Stand Farm, Rage Awaken & More (2023)

If you’re searching for one, you can get a functioning and secure ABA Script right now from our website. If you are new to our website, you must follow all of the instructions and features of this script that are listed in this page.

Anime Battle Arena is a popular game available on the popular MMO platform, ROBLOX. It is an online combative game in which YOU can play characters from popular shounen properties such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, and One Piece. Each character demands game sense, and each character’s moveset is unique.

Compete against other players to see who has the most impressive combat skills! If you want to get a free script, we have one that works that you may use in this article.

Remember that just because these scripts are private does not mean they will always work. They may be utilised by others and may become outdated at any time. Keep in mind to bookmark this page and return later.

ABA Script Features

  • Rage Get Out of Combos
  • Rage Awaken
  • Stand Farm
Created by YGT72

Anime Battle Arena Mobile Script?

However, the Anime Battle Arena Script is presently only compatible with the Roblox client or browser version. We’ve included the Anime Battle Arena Mobile Script with the currently accessible PC version. Please keep reading because it offers important details about this script.

How to Use Anime Battle Arena Pastebin Script?

To receive the Anime Battle Arena Pastebin Script, simply click on the download button at the bottom of this page, which will take you to a Pastebin page where you can easily download the Anime Battle Arena Pastebin Script.

  1. Download any Roblox Executor to run scripts.
  2. Minimize the game after you start it.
  3. Start the Executor immediately.
  4. You may get to the Roblox Client by selecting Inject.
  5. The entire script must be copied from the download and placed into the executor’s code section.
  6. There, click the Execute button.
  7. Have fun playing the game again!