Alpine Fortress Script

Alpine Fortress Script Destruction- Hitbox Expander (2023)

In this Roblox Game, Deep within Alpine Valley, technological advances are being produced. The most defended castle built by the Teutonic Armed Forces is surrounded by unforgiving terrain and towering mountains.

Raids will be carried out in an organized and professional manner. Raids on empty servers won’t be tolerated. You must choose between joining the rebels to free the citadel or defending it against its foes. So Must use this script and get free advantage.

This script has been created by KIKO, who is the actual developer of this script, so make sure to check out the features tab below as well as instructions to download as well as to use. Enjoy the free alpine fortress script!

Alpine Fortress Script Features

  • Hitbox Expander

Instructions to Download Alpine Fortress Pastebin Script

The script was added using the Alpine Fortress Pastebin Script code, which may be downloaded from our website. After choosing the download option from the list below, watch for the countdown to end. After the redirect, you can continue by going to the Alpine Fortress Pastebin Script page and downloading the original script.

How to Use Alpine Fortress Script Roblox?

  1. Inject the Executor first
  2. Paste the script code there
  3. Execute the Script
  4. Play as rebels now
  5. Speak with the bearded gun dealer near your spawn.
  6. Take a gun
  7. Run the script and revel in absolute madness