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Roblox Anime Idle Simulator Script – Unlimited DPS (2023)

Hello, everyone! Visit our website to get a fully functional Anime Idle Simulator Script in your very own hands. To execute this brand-new script, which is accessible for download from this location and is very effective, all you need is an experienced Roblox executor.

Welcome to Anime Idle Simulator! This Roblox idle game is a bit like Idle Heroes – the idea is to slowly level up your collection of anime units by defeating waves of enemies.

Every day, we search for more Anime Idle Simulator Scripts. Fresh scripts are added in conjunction with game updates and upon certain milestones; thus, you should like the game to get further new scripts.

Anime Idle Simulator Game

Anime Idle Simulator is a Roblox game that gives you wave after wave of anime villains to smack down. It’s a little hard on the sword arm, but don’t worry, you can hire some help. All kinds of familiar anime heroes can be hired to lend a hand.

To clarify, KingKilla is the one and only genuine creator of this useful script. No one else comes close. The Script is completely virus-free, and its implementation couldn’t be easier. You are free to download the Script from our website at no cost and use it in any manner you see fit without incurring any further expenses.

Anime Idle Simulator Script Features

  • Unlimited DPS
  • Free to use
  • Safe to use
Developer's Note: Purchase the first item, then proceed.

Steps to Use Roblox Anime Idle Simulator Script

  1. Download any Roblox Executor to execute scripts.
  2. Minimize the game once you start it.
  3. Launch the Executor immediately.
  4. You may go to the Roblox Client by selecting Inject.
  5. The whole script must be copied from the download
  6. and placed into the executor’s code section.
  7. There, click the Execute button.
  8. Have fun playing the game again!