Best Criminality script

Roblox Criminality Script (GUI Hack) Free Download 2024

We have added the best Roblox Criminality Script Hack then you are in for a treat because our Roblox hacks are the best. Criminality script has features like Infinite stamina, No jump cooldown, No recoil, ESP and many more. You can download these hacks without any issues or ban.

Players gain skills like as infinite stamina, no jump cooldown, no fall damage, no recoil, wall-bang, ESP, and much more with our free Roblox Criminality hack! Players also receive unlimited pepper spray, cash for auto pickup, tools, and scrap!

Criminality by Roblox is a game in which players are in an open world, free-roaming in the most hazardous environment where survival is the sole goal via violence. To survive, players must flee, hide, equip the greatest weapons, and kill anybody who is in their path!

It would take hours and hours of playtime to get excellent and even gain the greatest weaponry in this game, but with our hacks on Gamingforecast, you can become the best and a terror in the game in a matter of minutes!

Features of Roblox Criminality Script

  • Infinite stamina
  • Player ESP
  • Safe ESP
  • Scrap ESP
  • No jump cooldown
  • No recoil
  • No fall damage
  • Wall-bang
  • Infinite pepper spray
  • Instant equip
  • Auto pick up scrap
  • Auto pick up money
  • And much more!

Infinite Stamina – This allows players to sprint indefinitely without tiring, giving them a speed edge.

No Fall Damage – Players can leap from any height and not take any damage.

ESP features – Where players have extra sensory views that assist them in locating items and players across the game by allowing them to see past walls and see more metrics.

Auto money pickup – When players pick up money automatically, they don’t have to go right through it and may pick it up from wherever.

How does the Roblox Criminality Script Hack work?

To execute the Roblox scripts, a user needs first install executors, which aid in the execution of the scripts. We give our readers the necessary executors directly on our website, for free, and also provide a premium alternative for a better experience!

  1. Get the cheat
  2. Start Roblox and navigate to the game Criminality.
  3. Reduce the size of the game and launch the executor.
  4. Copy and paste the Lua script into the executor
  5. Have fun playing the game!