Roblox DEFLECT Script

Roblox DEFLECT Script – Auto Deflect Script Working (2023)

Hey People, if you’re searching for a Roblox DEFLECT Script that really works, you’ve come to the perfect place. On this website, you may use the best DEFLECT pastebin script for Roblox. To receive the script, download it from our website.

You must deflect the ball in this game before it hits you, but beware—it locks on. The winner of this game, which is compatible with all platforms, is the last person standing. The ball will always go to the one you have equipped if you get a kill!

So, if you need to auto deflect, use this script right now. The script has been developed and released by sil#2084, which is currently working and free to download form our website. So, must check all the steps below that you need as a beginner.

Roblox DEFLECT Script Features

  • Auto Deflect
  • Easy Deflect

Instructions to Download DEFLECT Pastebin Script

Remember that the script you’re looking for is the Roblox DEFLECT Pastebin script, which is uploaded here. You can use and download the script for free. To download, simply click the button below and wait for the countdown to finish.

You can copy or even paste the script into the executor after the timeout expires to continue the procedure. After completing the steps below, you will be able to see the script in the game right after clicking the executor’s execute button.

How to Use Roblox DEFLECT Script?

  1. To begin, download the script by clicking the link below.
  2. Get the script after some time.
  3. first play the game, then wait
  4. Start the Executor after copying the script.
  5. To link the Roblox client and executor, click Inject.
  6. It is best to copy and paste the script into the Executor Empty section.
  7. To have fun, run the script right away!