Roblox Get To The Top Script

Roblox GET TO THE TOP Script | Infinite Money, Finish (2022)

If you are searching for Roblox Get to the Top Script then this Roblox hack might be the best for you because this script has a lot of awesome features that can help you get a lot of free features like an auto win, and infinite money and finish 1st.

Play through Towers that are produced at random and compete with your friends to reach the summit first. If you become stuck, use blocks, trusses, and planks to help you climb up; however, use them cautiously because you only have a limited number every round. To prevent other players from ascending the ladder ahead of you, use mines. Each time someone steps on your mine, you’ll get points.

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Features of Roblox Get to the Top Script

Some of the features for get to the top script are given below:

  • Auto Win
  • Always first.
  • Infinite Money
  • and More

How to use Get to the Top Hack Script?

You must have a functioning Roblox Executor in order to use the script. If you want any free ones, get them from our website; they are all current and useful. You are free to use any free or paid one you choose.

  1. Launch Get to the top game on Roblox.
  2. Download and copy the text.
  3. Launch any Executor program.
  4. Select “Inject” from the menu.
  5. There, copy and paste the script.
  6. To finish, press the Execute button.