Lookout Battle Script

Lookout Battle Script – Auto Collect Bones & More (2023)

Hello all Roblox Players, If you are looking for a free lookout battle script, then you can download and use it from our website, just read this website from start to end, and you will get the idea of using the script, even if you are a beginner.

In this game, you will need to work together to fight off the puppies and protect the observation tower. Explore a wide array of wacky terrain and gather bones to advance your character’s arsenal and get access to new vehicles.

This script has been created by Humble, who is the real developer and creator of this script hack. If you need assistance with this script, you can just comment down below and we will be ready to help you or join the discord server for more support.

In this Script, You will get many free-to-use features such as Auto Collect Bones, Server Crasher, Anti AFK Feature, and many more, that are listed below that you can use. Also Make sure to use it within a limit, so that you will be safe.

Lookout Battle Script Features

  • Free GUI
  • Auto Collect Bones
  • Server Crasher
  • Movement Modifiers
  • Anti Afk

How to Use Lookut Battle Script 2023?

In order to use this Lookout Battle Script, first get yourself a Roblox executor that can be either free or paid. and then follow the steps below –

  1. Download the Script and Copy it
  2. Make sure to Join the game
  3. Run Roblox Executor first
  4. Click Inject Client and wait
  5. Paste the Code now
  6. Execute the Script code and Enjoy!!