Roblox Ore Smelting Tycoon Script

Roblox Ore Smelting Tycoon Script (GUI Hack) Download 2022

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In this free Roblox Ore Smelting Tycoon script, players may auto claim tycoon, auto finish the lobby, which gets them an x2 ore multiplier, auto collect, and much more!

Roblox’s Ore Smelting Tycoon is a tycoon game in which the player controls an ore mine and collects various ores and gems that are then smelted for money to purchase newer gems and ores. This process continues until the player becomes the greatest and richest.

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Roblox Ore Smelting Tycoon Hack Features

  • Auto claim tycoons
  • Auto buy buttons
  • Auto collect
  • Auto smelter
  • Auto complete obby
  • And much more!

Auto collect – With this hack, the player has the ability to gather the ores and gems that are mined automatically without having to hover the mouse over the jewels!

Auto complete lobby – In this function, the player automatically completes the game’s in-game lobby, which doubles ore and gem output for a minute.

Auto smelter – This function assists the player in converting ores and gems into money.

How to use Roblox Ore Smelting Tycoon Pastebin Script?

Roblox games require a certain form of software to be hacked, known as executors, which aid in the execution of scripts that hack the game. We provide both free and paid executors to our readers here.

  1. Get the Lua Script from below.
  2. Launch Roblox and play the game.
  3. Close the game and launch the executor.
  4. Copy the script and paste it into the executor.
  5. Start the executor
  6. Have fun with the hack!