Shortest Answer Wins Script

Shortest Answer Wins Script – Auto Server Hop, Reveal (2023)

Hey everyone, welcome to the best site to find a Shortest Answer Wins script that genuinely works. The greatest Shortest Answer Wins pastebin script is available right here for your use. Download the script from this page to get it. Only xkid is given credit for writing the script.

Experience called Roblox Shortest Answer Wins was developed by NOOBEstudios for the system. In this game, your goal will be to respond to trivia questions as quickly as you can! Though it obviously takes a different path, this is comparable to the game Longest Answer Wins. To win, try to answer as many as you can while teasing other players and avoiding getting crushed by the ceiling fan!

If you’re seeking for free shortest answer script, check out this page. In the page below, you may learn how to use script in Shortest Answer Wins if you’re unsure how to do it. By clicking CTRL + D on your keyboard or adding this website to your mobile bookmarks, be sure to like it.

Shortest Answer Wins Script

  • Auto Reveal Player Answers
  • Auto-Collect money drops
  • Auto Server-Hop if no players
  • Trolling
  • Auto GG
  • Misc
  • Anti AFK
  • Others

If you’re a beginner, closely adhere to the directions below, or click here to view our separate post on How to use roblox scripts step by step:

Roblox Beginner’s Guide

Shortest Answer Wins Script Instructions to use

  1. Download the script and executor from our website.
  2. Choose a location that is convenient for you to extract the files to.
  3. Visit Roblox, sign up for the game, and wait
  4. Run the executor now.
  5. Enter the executor with the code.
  6. Run the script.
  7. benefit from the script in some way!