UNOfficial Uno script

UNOfficial (Uno) Script (Auto Slap, Official & More) 2022

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About UNOfficial (Uno) Roblox Game:

The cards in the middle pile will change colours or symbols and numbers as players take turns playing them. If the player has no cards to play or if they opt to draw, they will get a new card. If it is playable, you may start using it right away. So-called “action cards” alter the course of the game in unexpected ways.

Be sure to contact Official before playing your second-to-last card. Anyone who forgets to call Official must draw two cards as punishment. One of you will win if you can get your hands up first. But if there is a Win Condition, the person who gets to the point total first wins the game.

Feature of UNOfficial (Uno) Script

  • Auto Official
  • Auto Slapon6
  • Turn Off Auto Official
  • Turn Off Slapon6
  • Daniel my bb

Instructions for Roblox UNOfficial (Uno) Hack

Review the information provided below.

  1. First Get a free Roblox executor in your hands.
  2. Copy the script below, then paste it into the executor.
  3. Launch the game.
  4. After that, insert the executor into the Roblox process as directed on the screen.
  5. Cheers to your free hack!