Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Unlocker Hack Tool

Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Unlocker Hack Tool | Free Download

Sea of Thieves Cosmetic Unlocker Tool is a free hack for SOT that can help you unlock every item in the game for free. This Cosmetic Unlocker is 100% undetected and is free on our website for a long time. If you want to use it, You have to follow the instructions given below and you are good to go.

Our version of Cosmetic Unlocker for SOT is superior than any other fake unlocker out there and we also regularly update our cheat so there is no chance of getting banned in the game. Think about how much you can flex this hack in front of your friends.

The cheat is a little complicated to use for some people, Its not a very straight forward process. So I will suggest you to follow the step-by-step guide we have created for you so that you can enjoy and get free skins in Sea of thieves for free.

Instructions for Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Unlocker

Follow the steps given below to properly use Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Unlocker for free

Part 1: Follow Simple

  1. First of all, download the latest version of Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Unlocker hack from below.
  2. Launch the game.
  3. Use cheat-engine or any other injector to inject the dll in the game.
  4. Visit an outpost in the game.
  5. Click Home button on your keyboard to open menu.
  6. A text box will open you need to add the offerids in that box.
  7. Follow Part 2 for the next section.

Part 2: Getting Offerids

Source: Official Developer Instructions Notes.

  1. Download fmodel here:
  2. Install and launch it
  3. Choose Sea of Thieves and enter the aes key when prompted (0x37A0BC3DC2E01D9EB4923CA266A5701F56A4802347F07927FC3FC25C93B31B50)
  4. Select all loading modes and hit the massive load button.
  5. Navigate to the Folders tab.
  6. On the second top left button, select the packages tab.
  7. Enter Athena/Content/DataAssets/Catalog, followed by anything you’re searching for, for example: Athena/Content/DataAssets/Catalog barnacle.
  8. Once you’ve done that, go to the code and you’ll see something like this.  
    • [
    •     {
    •     “Type”: “CatalogOfferDataAsset”,
    •     “Name”: “WailingBarnacleEyeOfReachOffer_V01”,
    •     “Properties”: {
    •     “OfferId”: “6828E7DD-4B636489-C3081298-1C98C898”,
    •     “CurrencyType”: “EWalletCurrencyId::Gold”
    •     }
    •     }
    • ]
  9. In this example, copy the offerid inside the speech marks: 6828E7DD-4B636489-C3081298-1C98C898
  10. You must format it such that there are three groups of four in the middle: 6828E7DD-4B630-6489-C308-12981C98C898
  11. similar to this
  12. The currency type will then be shown. “EWalletCurrencyId::Gold” as “CurrencyType” It is gold in this situation.
  13. In this situation, dabloons “EWalletCurrencyId::WaywardTokens” as “CurrencyType” (they are called wayward tokens in the game files)
  14. It is antique coins in this situation. “EWalletCurrencyId::Premium” as “CurrencyType”
  15. Then, after determining what currency you will use to purchase the item and entering the offerid, you will go to any store and purchase something for the same currency that you will use to purchase the item you are unlocking (in this case, gold, and I would recommend purchasing a free voyage or something inexpensive).
  16. If it says “sorry, I can’t locate it right now,” it implies the item has been fixed, you did it incorrectly, or you don’t have enough money.
  17. Check your inventory if it says finished; you should have the item.